When Bully Eyes are Smiling

 Is there a more cheerful looking dog than the English Bull Terrier?

Okay, if you asked people who live with many other breeds they might answer yes, my___ is very cheerful. That’s not really my point.

The Bull Terrier is a smiling kind of dog. They smile all the time, which matches their happy-go-lucky personality.

In fact, a lot of the time it almost looks like a Bully is laughing at some private joke they just heard, or at a prank they are about to pull.

They are jolly for pictures.

Plus, they are often willing to pose – for photos, for being admiringly watched, and because they were born to just look good.

(If you can appreciate the kind of good looking that a Bully offers.)

If you ever want a fun loving character to hang around with, try chumming around with a Bull Terrier for a few hours.

They will not only laugh with you but you can usually count on a Bully giving you something to laugh about.

Sometimes it is the pose they take.

A Bully can look pretty silly just laying around and enjoying life.

Sometimes just watching the joy a Bully takes in living can make a person smile or laugh.

Watching a Bully have fun is kind of like listening to children laughing and playing — if that kind of thing doesn’t annoy you, it is bound to make you smile.

Sure, a Bull Terrier may be sitting quietly next to you one minute and leap into your face or lap the next…it is this kind of unpredictability that often amuses those of us who enjoy the company of a Bull Terrier.

Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but kind of addictive once you get used to it. Regular dogs can be kind of boring and predictable after you’ve spent time with a joker like a Bully.

Sitting or standing; white, tri-color, brindle or red — a breathing Bully is almost always a happy pup. It takes a lot to bring down these cheerful champions of mirth. 

Bull Terriers like to go where their people go, do what their people do, and play the jester while it is all happening. How do you not love a mutt with a mug and a sense of humor like this?

 Not everyone ought to live with a Bull Terrier but getting a chance to know one is an opportunity that should not be passed up. Aside from being a rather unique looking doggy the personality of a Bully is not one you will find in any other breed of dog.

They really are that unique….

…and smiley :-)

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