What makes for a nice looking dog?

I have a dog right now that I find very attractive. Not everyone in my family finds her aesthetically pleasing. Then I have a puppy that everyone claims is cute.

“Cute” puppy, Lil

Then there is the two year old puppy, Gracie (Allen)  who is not as universally recognized as cute – I think she’s adorable. She’s an English Bull Terrier.

I also enjoyed her 1/2 sister, who I rescued, helped rehabilitate and rehomed through Bull Terrier Rescue; did you know that Bull Terriers are notorious for sibling rivalry? Particularly same age bullies.

I was already partial to the looks of Gracie when her 1/2 sister Katie entered our lives; I still thought Katie was a fairly nice looking girl; if I had not already had Gracie I would have been happy to keep Katie.
Some things though are just not meant to be. I’m happy to report that Katie found a very loving home where she is an only fur-kid, gets to go to work with dad every day and is enjoying all the love one little bullie can suck up. And that’s a lot!

I also have a collie (picture to come.) Jenny is my idea of that classic collie beauty – even as she is getting rather grey in the face.

And then there were my schnauzers. I did have a little girl who lived 12 years — Wee Bonny Lass–and after that a boy who lived 12 years — Wills.

This is Wills shortly before his death with one of our mutually favorite dog handlers. He is past his prime in this picture, and hand groomed over a series of days because that was what he could tolerate.  He still looks handsome to me.

What does good looking in a dog look like for you?

I know I enjoy square builds, and sometimes flowing hair. I have a soft spot for Irish Setters like the big old fashioned one my mom had when we were growing up. I enjoy the solid looks of Rotts and well built schnauzers of all sizes. Most well muscled and heavy set dogs appeal to me. And aren’t Clumber spaniels adorable; big hounds have eyes that make me melt…I guess every breed has something that appeals to someone. If you feel like sharing please tell us what kind of looks you like in a dog.

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