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This blog is designed for those of us who may be busy and productive and have loved ones in our lives, yet a corner of our world belongs to our companion animals. For me right now that includes an adopted Collie, a rescued English Bull Terrier, and a carefully researched and purchased Labrador.

Yes, there are also two foster cats, two rescued cats, and an adopted cat living with me – ranging in age from 4 – 19 years. My two old cats have moved multiple times and between countries with me so no, I don’t get the “I’m moving and the pet can’t come with me” excuse unless you’re going into the military, entering prison, or financially devastated so that you cannot afford to care for the pet or live in pet safe housing.

I should also mention in this introduction that I am dyslexic and I often can’t spell. Animals have helped me through the times before I was diagnosed with disabilities and told in school that I was just “slow.” (Guess which slow kid just finished her PhD – granted, I’m a mature student in more than outlook now.)

I think this should be a place to discuss how animals add a dimension to our lives that no one and nothing else can. It should also be a place to share the happy and not so happy stories we have. And pictures! Love pictures.

In the meantime, if you find this site please introduce yourself and your fur-family!

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