Visiting Bull Terrier: Winston Bogsley

I love it when readers take the time to share their pups with us. Today’s visit had been facilitate by Rebecca, who reports that she always wanted a Bull Terrier – but had to wait until she was all grown up to get one :-)

This handsome gentleman is Winston Bogsley.

He is a one year old, Miniature Bull Terrier. He is a solid 30 pounds of dynamic love, as his pictures indicate.

Along with his four legged friends, Winston if very good buddies with a five year old boy. I can only imagine what those two get into!

This is Winston and his boy playing hide and seek with Rebecca – she said they’re both missing some of the finer points of the game – as long as they can’t see her, she isn’t supposed to see them :-)

Thanks Rebecca for sharing your cheerful fellow with us!

(Remember readers, your pics are welcome at [email protected][dot]com)

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