Univesity Mascots and your personal dog Totem

Johnathan, University of Connecticut

Not everyone agrees with the practice, but some schools use live dogs as their mascots. Most, though not all,  also have a “costume” version of the mascot, some person who runs up and down the sidelines at games or jumps into the stands to rev up the crowd.

Smokey, University of Tennessee

Uga, Georgia

Live dogs certainly seem safer than some of the other live animal mascots out there – like a bison or a tiger. And when well cared for — as they all seem to be — it is not too bad a life for a dog, as long as they don’t mind loud crowds at sporting events. Some dogs actually seem to enjoy the life.

Bill Cosby with the Scotty he gave Carnegie Melon

It is interesting to note how we believe that our “animal totems” represent characteristics and traits that we aspire to. The dogged determination of the bulldog, the strength and endurance of a sled dog, the spirit and tenacity of a terrier.

Reveille, Texas A&M

Spirit, University of Washington

Have you ever thought, if you were selecting a dog mascot to represent yourself and the ideals you either believe you have or that you aspire to, what breed would you choose? Or would you choose a mixed breed of a certain size?

I can see pieces of myself in all three of the girls I live with now: I can be a little distracted yet easy going like Jenny the Collie, a bit stubborn like Gracie the Bull Terrier, with a desire to get along with others like Lil the Lab. Then there are days when I’m very much like my Schnauzer Bonny was in her old age – its my way or the highway!

You talking to me?!

Anyone else care to share their potential doggy totem?

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