Uncommon Terriers: Sealyham

fortune of a breed of dog can rise and fall. There are a handful of terriers who may have once been popular but are now very uncommon, some are in danger of becoming extinct. The first of these we will look at is the once popular and a “must have” dog of the rich, royal, and/or famous, the Sealyham Terrier. 

Once Sealyhams could be found in Windsor Castle and Hollywood: Princess Margaret, Cary Grant, Agatha Christie, Alfred Hitchcock, Elizabeth Taylor, Humphrey Bogart…this spunky and handsome little dog used to see 2,000 pups a year registered. In 2011 the Kennel Club registered only 49 Sealyham puppies.  

Sealyhams aren’t just a pretty face; they still will happily work as ratting dogs chasing down vermin. They can also be trained for other tasks and are a terrier that are actually interested in pleasing their owners – although they can be stubborn. They are still terriers after all.

The Sealyham is a Welsh terrier in origin. These are cheerful pups who make good family dogs and do best when handled by a firm, and consistent handler. They also need some exercise everyday – a brisk half hour walk and maybe a little ball chasing would suit them well.

If your looking for a little different kind of competition, Sealyhams would usually do well in Earthdog competitions. These are competitions where dogs, like terriers, who were bred to go to ground for vermin can practice the skills they were bred for without doing harm to anything.

Sealyhams also train up well for obedience and agility – a little less common for terriers who are notorious for short attention spans.

If a hardy little dog with a big personality appeals to you, if you are willing to spend some time training and maintaining a big personality in a small package, and if you are thinking about adding an uncommon dog with a lot of affection to give, to your life – consider the Sealyham. You can help preserve an uncommon breed and get a very devoted companion in the bargain.

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