Uncommon Terriers: Glen of Imaal Terrier

The Glen of Imaal is the most uncommon of Irish Terriers. 
This compact dog was bred for big work. Glen’s went to ground for badger — not timid prey. One has to have a strong personality to be determined enough to hunt something one’s own size.

It is no surprise given the work they were bred to do, that the Glen can be a little stubborn. Friendly and faithful but determined to sometimes do their own thing, the Glen needs consistent handling.

Glens are one of those breeds that shed little and thus need to sometimes have haircuts. Their hair is rough and comes in three colors: blue, wheaten, and brindle.

The Glen would be an ideal breed if you are interested in earth dog competitions. They are also devoted companions and like to just hang out with their family.

And even though they are uncommon there is a rescue organization for Glens too; if you’re willing to wait this is a breed you could potentially adopt.

I’ve noticed that there is a little variation in the appearance of the Glen, particularly with tails being docked slightly different lengths in different countries. This may owe something to the fact that the Glen is so uncommon – veterinarians can probably practice their whole career and be lucky to see one Glen.

Compact dogs with big personalities that are fun, and just gosh darn cute — this is a breed that deserves to be more popular than it is.

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