Tuesday Adoption Dog – U.P. of Michigan

Today is a Tuesday’s Tails blog hop which is designed to promote adoptable dogs. The more of us bloggers from all over who participate, the more shelter dogs we can raise awareness of and hopefully help find homes for.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan where I live is a large area with a limited population, so I’m going to feature several dogs from several shelters with a geographic distribution across the Western half of the U.P.

Sad dog that was adopted
Adoption Dog

First, from the Copper Country Humane Society http://www.cchumanesociety.com we have Whiskey, a girl who has been here for a while now.

As a Shar Pei mix, Whiskey is naturally a little suspicious of strangers – which causes her not to show well in a shelter – but once she warms up to a person she will be devoted for life. When she first arrived she had a skin condition – which can be seen in this picture. She’s been successfully treated and is ready for a new home. I always found with Shar Pei that the key to keeping healthy skin was to avoid foods with Soy. Next, from the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter (UPAWS): https://upaws.org

We have Regis. A West Highland White Terrier x Poodle, Regis is a great size. As a senior, however, he has been having a little trouble finding a permanent home. His foster family reports he’s still an active and well behaved little guy and ready to join a home that isn’t scared off by the fact he’s 12.

Sad dog that was adopted
Adoption Dog

From the Northwoods Animal Shelter in Iron River (Petfinder – 49935)
we have a pair of senior German Shorthair Pointers who were surrendered by the owner they’d spent their life with.

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Faith and Patches still have a lot of life and love to give to someone who is looking for a well behaved pair of companions who have left the puppy foolishness behind them but still like to get out and take a brisk walk in the woods.

Sad dog that was adopted
Adoption Dog

Rounding out today’s listings, from Ironwood and the H.O.P.E. animal shelter

there is Kodiak, a slightly older Husky who is active, intelligent, and a bit independent.

He was found suffering from neglect and would now benefit from a home that is willing to make his life a lot more comfortable.

Several of these shelters are within driving distance of the Wisconsin/Michigan boarder and each of these dogs is decidedly worth the trip.


Remember, these dogs are also just a small selection of the amazing animals waiting for new homes in a shelter near you.



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