The Holiday Practically Desgined for Dogs

February 28 — Public Sleeping Day

No one seems exactly sure of the source of this holiday (you celebrate by sleeping in public.)  I think however, that this is a holiday most dogs can embrace.

Of course, there will be a few dogs like Gracie who are too obsessed with what everyone else is doing to really excel at celebrating this in the spirit intended – by sleeping in public – but there are far more dogs, I believe, who will knock this one out of the park.

I think the greatest obstacle to making this an enjoyable and successful holiday will be finding the right combination of location, dress, and fur length.

Those with really long fur might not do well celebrating in a tropical sun just as those with less fur coverage should avoid spending this holiday in drafts.

Finding a public indoor location with climate control might be the best way around these considerations.

Probably the greatest key to enjoying any holiday however, is finding friends to celebrate with; the company we keep really can impact how much fun we have during special events like this.

I’m posting this weeks in advance of the holiday so that there is time to start planning. You just can’t count on having a successful event if you wait until the last second to throw your guest list together.

Wherever and whomever you spend your Public Sleeping Day with I hope it is the best sort of holiday for you – with some tasty biscuits thrown in for good measure.

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