Teamworks Dog Training: Where and How Can I Train My Dog?

Do you have a dog and would you like to give it to experienced instructors for training? This is a very important step in the life of the owner and in the life of the dog itself!

Often fears of distrust and the danger that the dog will not want to work with one or another instructor scare the owners and they do not decide on the choice of the company that is engaged in dog training.

Teamworks Dog Training

We will help you with your choice and tell you about just a few of these companies. And the choice is yours!

The first company that has long been engaged in dog training is the Teamworks (

1. Company Teamworks

Their philosophy

Dog Training is about creating a good relationship with your dog, based on a sound understanding of dog behavior and learning theory. “The best leaders are the ones we trust and respect, not the ones we fear.”

Their Mission Statement

At Teamworks, our goal is to help you create a successful relationship with your dog by building trust and mutual understanding. We believe in and use family-friendly, humane training methods that enable effective communication between people and dogs. We teach our classes using positive-reinforcement based training and encourage the use of humane “people empowering” techniques.

Teamworks Dog Training

We do not use or tolerate harsh physical punishment-based methods, as that outdated style of training has been shown to damage the bond between dog and person, and often escalates aggression. We subscribe to and agree with the humane training standards set forth by the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, The Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s recommendations for dog training.

Teamworks Dog Training believes that all dogs and all people deserve to be treated without discrimination. We welcome diversity and strive to create a supportive learning environment for dogs and their humans.

Briefly about the company

Employees of the company do not use the muscles of a dog! They’re using their brains! This is important! They do not dominate the dog, they allow Your pet to decide and think about actions. Trainers do not resort to methods of violence or even electricity. Everything is built on mutual trust and respect for your pet – dog!

Your dog will only be trained by certified instructors, and all training will take place away from the city noise that so distracts dogs from training!

2. Blog about dog training and more “Teamworksdogtraining”

If you would like to start reading reviews or blog about how to train dogs, where to go and what company to contact – then you should look at this blog: Teamworksdogtraining (

Teamworks Dog Training

Here you will find a lot of interesting information and people who train their dogs, as well as reviews and even photos.

3. Company and their website:

Teamworks Dog Training

Another place ( where you can read a lot of information about where you can go and where to participate with your dog! Training, recreation, a life of dogs and their owners. It is worth looking at this site and see. There’s a lot of interesting things!

BONUS: video “Dog training fundamentals”


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