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Kwanzaa tee for pup

I don’t think I’m the only one who likes to give and receive presents around this time of year. With so many giftable occasions on the horizon it seems like a good time to review presents for the dog lovers among us. I have some busy cyber friends out there creating must have items.

I have to start with Sue at For Love of a Dog because she has been coming up with so many new and unique – as in one of a kind – handmade items.

One of Sue’s pins – perfect year round wear

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever bracelet

Sue designs and makes one of a kind bracelets, pins, and necklaces. 

Sue is also an active proponent of adopting/rescue and has an entire line of rescue jewelry. 

Sue has different styles of leash holders – with a range of breeds depicted – here are two that are near and dear to my heart, a Collie and a Labrador.

And who wouldn’t want a decoration like these pups!

Sue also makes elevated feeding stations for dogs but not those run of the mill, all the same feeders. Sue re-purposes and personalizes, creating feeding stations which are truly gift worthy.

Child’s chair feeding station

Mini cedar chest – storage and feeder in one

Vintage box – storage and feeder

 Really, Sue’s For Love of a Dog is a must-visit site when you’re shopping for a dog lover.

I also have to mention – Sue acknowledges that some of us like cats and horses – she has gifts for ‘those sorts of people’ too :-)  

If you’re lucky enough to be in Canada and want to send someone – including your own canine friend – a tasty greeting, then I must recommend my friend Wendy at Shake a Paw Greetings

Wendy will personalize any message for the canine of your affection.

Wendy brings an artistic and wholesome approach to creating messages of the best kind for dogs  – edible dog treat messages. How much better is that then a card!

[email protected]

From Hawaii comes Sugar the Golden Retriever and Sugar’s Paw House:

Sugar’s puzzle

 Sugar and her humans have put together a book and puzzle perfect for younger dog lovers:

Sugar’s book

They also make unique dog tags such as this one, featuring Sugar herself:

Sugar’s people are taking orders and you might even be able to order yourself a very nice looking cotton bag with a Sugar picture on it!

There are so many occasions that make giving a gift a good idea. Here at Saved by Dogs we hope you have a fun gifting season in your future!

It is the season to be inclusive after all…even of cats!

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