Sharing Dog Stories and Blog Hopping

The focus of today’s post are all the great people and animal companions that are out in the big wide web for readers to discover.

We here at Saved by Dogs encourage you to check out our online friends. They have some interesting stories to share and insights into life with many different kinds of companions…from Bassets, Borzoi, and Labradors to …cats (gasp.)

Yes, some people choose to live with only cats.

Hmmm, I wonder if there’s something to that….

If there’s one thing that all we bloggers share it is the desire to know that someone out there is reading :-)   

Signing up to follow a blogger is a great way to let them know you’ve stopped by. Leaving a comment is great too — in fact I’m overdue on spending some time just checking in with my fellow bloggers by leaving a note to let them know I’ve been by — we all love to hear from you when you have a minute to even just say hello.  Thanks for stopping in!

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