River the Rough Collie and Jafar the foster Boxer

I’ve heard some people say that every little girl dreams about the wedding they will have when they grow up…I remember when I was little I used to imagine how cool it would be to have a Boxer and a Collie at the same time. 

I think one of the American Kennel Club books I had at the time showed a picture of a stamp with a Boxer and a Collie on it and I thought that was an awesome pairing that I would like to try in real life. Some people say beware what you wish for but so far having my wishes pay off hasn’t been so bad.

Today is a Collie and Boxer posting day. First, I am very happy to be able to share a picture of a reader’s Rough Collie – River.

I admire River’s fashion sense – the otherwise orderly grooming while allowing a few wisps of hair on top to stick out. Very adorable look.

River’s person Sarah Jones-Hughes sent me this lovely photo. I welcome reader dog-photos — and information about the dog such as what they like to do for furn — at [email protected] I would enjoy featuring more dogs with some of their personal information in the future! So please, if you have some pics you think are worthy of sending, send them on :-)

Now for today’s Boxer.

I have several sisters; middle sister and her family have lived for years with the most wonderful Boxer, Rae.

Rae recently passed away. Since my brother in law’s job requires him to often be away, their family always feels more comfortable with a dog in the house. And after many happy Boxer years, they were interested in once again adopting a Boxer.

 As the family knew that Rae could pass any time in the past year, sister and I have been sort-of watching the humane societies and rescues in our areas (we live about seven hours drive from each other.) When sis was up visiting a few months ago we went to see a Labrador but that girl and sis just didn’t connect. Also, I don’t think sis was ready for another dog yet.
Molly the Labrador was destined to be some other lucky family’s dog.

Recently though, a local man who had a family of Boxers became critically ill. Some of his dogs were taken in by extended family.

Others appear to have been left under-cared for until a family member from out of state arrived and surrendered the remaining dogs to our local shelter. That’s where I met Jafar.

 No one but his critically ill former owner knows what Jafar’s ‘real’ name was…with no known name he was given his new name ‘Jafar” when he was brought into the shelter.

I went to meet and walk him, take pictures, and reported back to sis and kids. They thought about it and after several days decided that if Jafar was still available then he should come to live with them.

Which leads me to now — I am temporarily fostering this lovely, very underfed, ready to bloom young Boxer. Jafar is very fond of other dogs, having always lived in a pack and he’s also pretty happy to be back in a home.

 He’s so thin and having to adjust to so many new things including different foods and schedules, that I decided to let him sleep on my bed last night, in part just so I’d wake up if he suddenly needed to go out (he did at about 2:00 a.m.) I can’t describe how joyful he was at being allowed this simple luxury.

  If you know dog body language then you will understand what sniffing then dropping and rolling onto his back, legs kicking and wriggling as he groaned and smiled in happiness means. He was really relaxed and happy for the first time in a while.

Gracie “warming” Jafar

Jafar is a good example of why I don’t foster more often. He could easily be a foster fail :-)  Practically speaking – and on rare occasions I do try and be practical – I’m not ready to be a four dog person. But knowing that Jafar is going to live with some very special people, it is fun to have him visit and hang out with us until he moves on – in probably less than a week.

As for having a Collie and a Boxer at the same time — turns out that the one Boxer Jenny really likes is my parent’s equally aged Boxer-boy, Bogart. Jenny and Jafar are completely tolerant of each other but Bogart is her bff. Maybe there’s something to be said for having a friend who just occasionally visits and has his very own people to love on him….

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