Reader Dogs and My Money Eaters

Ozzie and friend

First, we have some new photos from readers to share – always exciting :-)
I love when we have photos from readers and am always looking for more so please share them if you have them – [email protected]

Ozzie assisting Jennifer

We’re starting with Ozzie, a lovely English Bull Terrier. How cute is this boy?! He was adopted as an adult from rescue. His first person died of cancer, his second person had a mini-bully that he didn’t get along with — for Ozzie the third home was the charm. He is much loved by Jennifer and her family.

Ozzie resting after reading many, many books

Due to a health issue, Ozzie’s ears are dropped rather than perk – and he is just as cute as can be with this unique touch. Hopefully in the future we will get to see more of Ozzie.

Ozzie with a few more of the ladies in his life

Next, we have a catch up from our friend Kathy. Kathy’s adopted senior Beagle, Gilbert passed away at the end of this winter. Recently, a younger dog who could be a playmate for Gus the Golden got very lucky – Kathy adopted her to join the family.

Say hello to Zoe!

The angle of the picture makes Zoe’s muzzle look just a tad longer than it appears in person. Zoe is probably a Pug + Beagle + Terrier — or a Puggle Plus.
She is very intelligent, athletic, devoted to her new family, and did I mention oh-so-cute!

Gus, Ruby, most of Zoe, and Fred (shh, he doesn’t know he’s odd man out)

Remember – always happy to see and share pictures :-)

And now…the money eaters.

We all spend money on keeping our companions in kibble, toys, and medical care. That adds up.
I think we tend to look at their faces and think – they’re worth it.

After all, don’t these look like sweet faces worthy of all I can provide?

Very deceptively innocent looking – don’t be sucked in – these girls are trying to drive me crazy.
Not only have they decided that ripping up cardboard is THE thing to do when I leave the room (I don’t know where they keep finding more boxes, I think they have a secret stash) they have upped the game.

Now you might ask yourself, why would anyone leave money laying around in the first place?
Let me set the record straight. This money was in my wallet. My wallet was in my purse. My purse was on a shelf.
Yes folks, a young Lab jumped up, pulled the purse down, removed the wallet, and removed the money from the wallet. To be fair, Gracie did much the same thing when she was about a year old.
In fact, to show she has outgrown carry out such a crime, (even though I suspected she suggested it to Lil) Gracie wanted to make sure she was not connected to the incident in any way.

Gracie playing dead at the other end of the house from the destroyed money

Jenny checking for life, Gracie not moving

Lil whispering, “You were right, money isn’t that great – don’t know what the fuss is about.” Gracie not moving

I didn’t actually say anything to Gracie, she decided all on her own that if I was taking the camera out to collect evidence, it would be best to look incapable of committing a crime – in fact, I think she was trying to look like the victim of a crime. Or maybe she was saying, “I was so shocked when I saw what Lil had done to the money, I staggered into the kitchen and passed out!” I didn’t believe her but I appreciated the attempt at looking innocent.

Dog body mysteriously reposed when my back was turned…Otherwise, no sign of life

So what have the little monsters in your life been up to that costs you a bit? Misery after all loves company ;-)

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