Puppy Updates and Pictures

Ollie – Golden Retriever

A few weeks ago I mentioned that people I know were getting new pups and its time to update with some pictures. We also have a special guest — Strider!

Strider – Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Strider is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who lives in my local area; he’s a friend of a friend and since we recently featured Tollers on the blog it seemed appropriate to get a local Toller to show here. Unfortunately, we only have one Strider picture at this time…maybe more in the future?

Ollie and his show – Dancing with the Stars

 Strider will be a friend of one the new pups mentioned earlier – Ollie the Golden Retriever. There is some feeling that Ollie might be part polar bear. Okay, I’m the biggest proponent of this line of thought, but look at this quickly growing fellow (that’s big brother Gus’ head in the foreground.)

Jasmine and Seneca

Then there is our friend the Springer Spaniel, Seneca and her family. Here we have pics of her with her big sisters, Jasmine and Princess.

Seneca and Princess

Jack and Bess

We’ll close this update with Bess the Airedale. She is learning how to patrol and play from her big brother Jack the Giant Schnauzer. Serious work for a still growing girl!

Bess learning about steam-rolling another dog

Patrolling is thirsty work!

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