On St. Patrick’s Day We’re Irish

In the U.S. we’re very quick to adopt other people’s celebrations, we don’t need to know what is being celebrated. As a result one of the sayings we have here is, “On St. Patrick’s Day, I’m Irish.”

For the average person in the U.S.,  St. Patrick’s Day is the day cheap beer is dyed green and sold in pubs, you have the annual cabbage and corned beef dinner, and you watch a parade with everyone dressed in green and/or wearing green plastic bowler hats; lots of people like to bring their canine companions along for the fun.

Some people like to put costumes on their dog friends. Leprechauns are popular as is the more generic ‘Irish themed’ outfit.

Now honestly, who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up like a 

Leprechaun? Particularly when they look good doing so?

Not every person wants to find or make a costume though. After all, you only use the outfit once or twice a year (this is a look that could do double-duty as a Halloween costume for those who are on a lower budget.)  Some people, however, prefer the non-costume option. 

This is when vegetable hair dye becomes your friend.


Despite our sometimes reputation as “ignorant Americans,” there are some of us who realize that when it comes to iconic Irish colors, green only represents part of the country. So despite the rather contrary notion of wearing orange on St. Patrick’s day, there are some who try to be a little more politically correct and pay homage to all of Ireland by wearing the green and the orange.

A nice hat is also a good way to slip on a bit o’ the Irish — easy to get on and off and adding a dapper air to anyone’s wardrobe.

 Others decide to go all out and adopt a dazzling, “Hollywood” look, allowing their inner star qualities to shine out and dazzle the world. After all, it is a celebration and for some reason, most Americans seem to love a parade and love a holiday, whether they know what they’re celebrating or not.

There are a lot of creative ways to find “your look” that allows you to celebrate in your own style.

Dress up, dress down. The important thing here is to have fun. And lots of people seem to think a parade is fun (I confess, I’ve never exactly caught the parade bug…but if I were going to a parade, St. Pat’s is one I’d go to.)

Young or old, there seems to be something about a U.S. Saint Patrick’s Day for everyone. Whether its the dog bones, the green (vegetable died) water or hair, the fancy hats…what’s not to like?

We do like a good time here, in fact, I’m guessing like all citizens of the world, we prefer a good time. We might just be a little quicker to celebrate without knowing exactly why we are.

And in the celebration spirit, our own Jenny, Lil, and Grace decided to done a bit of Irish. 

Jenny – consider her Scotch-Irish :-)

Lil, avoiding the camera’s eye and Gracie — let’s just say, she was not amused by being in any way costumed….

And Gus, wearing a positively green bow tie of his own.

Any day that allows us to hang out with our canine friends should be considered an opportunity; so even if you aren’t near a major parade route, remember to have fun and enjoy the friendship of other like minded people and dogs. 

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