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First, there’s this: Collie Dog Press 


(That’s really just a bit of housekeeping to take care of; when my brain deteriorates a bit more and I can’t remember which way the slashes in the web address go, I can at least find a link.) But I must say, I am pleased with the new logo for publishing.

Next, the inevitable day arrived.

Through Facebook connections, my world briefly touched with the world of another pair of people who are having medical problems; in their case, the animals have to be rehomed and the house steam-cleaned. Their adult children can take most of the animals, however, there was a little dog they had adopted a year ago, who needed someone who needed him.

Clearly, that was me.
The women who gave him to me said that when she heard about my situation, she felt that it was a sign, that it was meant to be – she had put off finding a home for the little fella and then, serendipity.

He arrived with the name Vinnie, and my original idea was to change this to Finnie, then Finn.

He started out seeming like a Finn. Rather quiet. Not much to say at first. In fact, when she first handed him to me and he did not growl, it seemed odd and rather un-Chihuahua like – based on my life with Chi Chi. I’m still adjusting, in fact, to a Chihuahua who isn’t nearly so fussy about how he is handled.

After living with him for a day though (and having an odd urge to sometimes call him Frank….) he seemed to be more and more of a Vinnie. Finn would chill on a couch. Vinnie would get up from the couch he was on, charge across the room and chase the cat from sitting beside me. The more at home he felt, the bigger his name seemed to need to be.

Which is why, although he is still usually Vinnie, his official name has become Vincenzo Francisco Finn, aka, Vinnie-Frank, Mr. Finn, the Vinster.

The first morning with us when I had to go to work, Vin tried staying in bed. I brought him down and put him out, when he came in he ran back upstairs and got back in bed. This is apparently his modus operandi, as some pictures his previous family sent me show.

Now that he knows the routine though, he gets up in the morning, has breakfast and then goes back to bed.He then gets back up to bark at me when I leave for work. On our second morning he tried to convince me I should quit work and just stay home with him.

I’m not sure – as he was adopted after being a stray who was unclaimed – if he is a pure, not well bred Chihuahua or perhaps a dachshund mix. He weighs the same as Chi Chi did, but is shorter and longer.

And although he’s been with us less than two weeks, it already seems like he’s a long time companion. He’s probably six years old. I’m at least his third home in the past year +. I can’t imagine the circumstances though, that would require him to move on from here. Or I can imagine, and they aren’t that likely…I figure I’m probably good for at least six to ten more years.

He was used to living with another dog and is now friends with Lil the Lab.
He and Gracie are somewhat indifferent to each other.
The cats want to know where I keep finding mutant rodents.

Vinnie and friend in previous home

One thing he and Gracie do agree on – the neighbors have nefarious plans and must be barked at when they are so bold as to be outside their own home. Like so many little dogs, he’s convinced he is indomitable.

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