Kindle Countdown Deal Dog Handbook/English Bull Terrier Info

Limited time Kindle sale

If you’re on a budget and would like to check out our book, it is currently on a Kindle countdown sale.
(Don’t know if this works outside the U.S.? Sorry if not.)

This book contains both stories about living with an English Bull Terrier as part of a family/dog pack (there is a Labrador and Collie who try and co-habitat in the same home as Gracie and I) and tips for traveling safely with a dog; kenneling/boarding dogs; and making estate plans that include your pets.
All with some humor whenever possible. If we don’t laugh at ourselves, then it isn’t fair to laugh at anyone else.

Customer service representatives are sitting by ready to take your orders.

Or chew up your paperwork – it just depends on the kind of day they’re having.

In completely unrelated news – spring.

Photo by Laura Bulleit

My co-worker took  this picture today out her office window – yes today is March 28.
This is spring on the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan – we are surrounded by Lake Superior and you can so often tell. Of course, two years ago we had grass and warm weather at this same time. You just never know.

Hope the rest of you are having an equally sunny but less snowy day!

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