It isn’t Easter until the dog has bunny ears.

A reader got me looking through Easter dog pictures, again…
I know it says something about my life that this isn’t the first time I’ve looked through Easter dog pictures. I realized that for so many of us it isn’t the season until a dog has been dressed in rabbit ears. So here is a picture ode to those who celebrate in this special way. Please look for as many of these in their original source as you are able.

Easter Dog Outfits ( I could see Bucky in these lol)                                                                                

Are we getting too cute?
Let’s take the saccharine level down a notch….

Photo: Randi DeGeorge    


I hope someone has started a therapy fund for this poor girl – she’s never going to be able to look at a rabbit the same way again.

Remember, when celebrating your traditions keep this one thing in mind – do the least harm possible to the one’s you love ;-)


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