In Memory of Lucy

It wasn’t very long ago that I introduced readers here to the blog Talking Dogs at For Love of Dogs —

Sue and her family have recently lost a key member of their team — Sue’s “heart dog” Lucy.

Lucy was a Labrador-Golden Retriever who entered Sue’s life as a five week old pup.

She had 15 grand and glorious years watching over Sue and making sure that life was right.

Lucy was an important part of the business, from inspiring Sue’s creative genius (which translated into beautiful jewelry designs) as well as quality testing and doggy approving canine goods like the pictured dog bed.

I know you join me in wishing Sue comfort in the many good memories she has of Lucy and a balance of peace through the feelings of loss that are inevitable when we loose a much loved friend.

Thank you Sue for giving Lucy such a long life where she always knew what it was to be treasured.

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