Ibizan Hound

I was thinking about dogs with Spanish roots the other night and thought – we need a post about the Ibizan Hound. Ibiza ( in Catalan – Eivissa) is a Spanish island, about 49 miles off the Spanish coast.

Ibizan hounds are athletic, intelligent, and what I’d call “hound-trainable”, i.e. they have strong instinct but also have been bred to be biddable. In other words, don’t leave them off-lead in an unsecured area because they aren’t going to come back when you call them after they start to give chase. On the other hand, they’re entirely willing to consider your opinion when it comes to training around the house.

This is also a breed that is very able to jump a typical fence, or work a simple latch on a gate. The ideal home for an Ibizan keeps them busy; they don’t do well left alone for long periods of time or if not exercised.

If on the other hand, one is looking for an athletic partner with a sense of humor than this may be your dog.

This is also a great breed for those who enjoy lure coursing or who just enjoy watching an agile dog that can move with grace and speed. Typically they are good with children – well behaved children because this breed can also be sensitive. And stubborn. Remember, hounds have to be capable of working out front of people and making independent choices.

This was also a breed used often by farmers who would have an Ibizan that they used to hunt hares. While this indicates that the Ibizan will have prey drive for small, fast moving animals, it also indicates that overall they are compatible with other animals in the home. Ibizan tend to do well with other dogs.

They also have a reputation in North America at least, for considering themselves a person on four legs. As someone who is rather fond of dogs with a sense of self, I find this reputation attractive :-)

The Ibizan comes in 2 or 3 coat types depending on how one counts: there is a short coat, a wire coat, and either a straighter haired wire coat or a long coat.

This week we’re joining the Barks and Bytes blog hop hosted by Two Brown Dogs and Heart Like a Dog – this is a very eclectic blog hop that any and all bloggers are welcome to join – which is why we like it :-)

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