I think my puppy has attention deficit disorder….

Lil – watch dogging it

She looks like she is capable of such attentiveness.

If you watch her for really short periods of time.

Really short.

I realized today that Lil’s attention doesn’t seem to be getting any more capable of focus as she “matures” chronologically. For example, when she was a younger puppy and had trouble holding a sit for a minute I thought, “well, she’ll get better as she gets older.”

Today I was once again working on “sit” with Lil and while getting the sit comes immediatly, holding that sit is SO hard for her. Lil just has trouble focusing.

Then I decided I wanted to try and get a picture of Lil and Grace together to show how big Lil is getting. And I knew that getting a picture of the two of them together would be almost impossible so I put them both on leads, and attached them to the front porch. That’s when I noticed that Lil has a shorter attention span than … a terrier. And that’s when I realized maybe she isn’t going to “mature” as soon as most Labs I’ve known.

Gracie and Lil watching

Gracie was watching the neighborhood and checking out the street.

For the first minute Lil was able to be attentive like Grace.

Lil, loosing interest in watching

Okay, maybe it was more like, for the first twenty-five seconds.

Then her mind started to wander.

“What was I doing…?”

As Gracie kept watching, Lil seemed to loose track of what they were doing.

Then she seemed to loose focus on everything but Gracie.

Lil, hoping Gracie will find something more interesting for them to do…

Finally, Lil did lay down – and waited for Gracie to move. In fact, that seems to be the only real focus Lil is capable of – waiting for Gracie to find something for the two of them to get into.

This is not the kind of “attention” I was hoping for her to develop.

“Are we going!”

Its great to have two young dogs who can play with each other.

I’m wondering how things are going to work out though, if the terrier proves to be the focused one of the duo.

Not that this is all bad. As I write this Gracie is focused on barking out the front window at the neighbors while Lil is moving from chew toy to chew toy in the living room.

“Now what!”

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