Hungarian Kuvaz

Traditionally a Livestock Guardian Breed, the Kuvaz  is increasingly common as a household companion and in the show ring.

This is a large, head strong breed, used to working independently and being protective of their environment.

They are not an ideal breed for small yards and require exercise and prefer a job to do.

They will give themselves the job of protecting their territory.

The Kuvaz is very devoted to their family and to protecting what is “theirs” — including livestock, people, and property in their territory.

This means that while a very protective breed, the Kuvaz is also good with other animals.

They are also suspicious of strangers and will not immediately warm up to visitors in their home.

A handsome breed, intelligent and devoted to their people, it is easy to see why people are attracted to this breed. In the right circumstances they can be a great companion, as long as their needs are being met.

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