Hanukkah with Dogs

As we sit and stay, we find ourselves just a week away from the beginning of Hanukkah; this raises the question, what does one get a good dog to help him or her celebrate?

For dog people, there is nothing like the companionship of our dogs to make both the good and bad times better or more bearable. It makes sense then that we want to share our celebrations, festivals, and family gatherings with our canine companions.

Hanukkah is one of those times when we not only remember what we have come through but when we also give gifts, celebrating what we now have.

So what, aside from a stuffie dreidel can one get the pup who maybe already has a lot of blessings?

At our home food of any kind is always welcome by the canine crowd. One can make their own dog treats or find an enterprising soul who bakes-for-sale.

The pups here also like a comfy place to lay down.  Who doesn’t love a good place to take a nap?

And toys – a couple of good toys are always welcome; if your pup is like Gracie than there’s nothing like de-stuffing a new stuffie to help make a celebration brighter.

However you mark this season of light, may it bring you and your family peace and may you have a blessed year ahead of you. If you live with at least one beloved canine, then you are already experiencing one of the great gifts life will bring to you.

PS – My friend Wendy over at Shake a Paw Greetings made this lovely message from biscuits she blends and cooks herself:

Wendy’s treats are carefully made of wholesome ingredients.

You can find out more about sending a tasteful and tasty greeting through Wendy at her Facebook page: Shake a Paw Greetings.  Note to my Canadian friends – Wendy is in B.C. and can help you with all your holiday shopping for dogs!

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