First Aid Kits for Dogs

When things are going well we may not think about the supplies we should have on hand should our canine companion be ill or injured. Not everything that ails a dog, though can be fixed by eating some grass.

There are some pre-made kits that you can order on-line that include some of the most basics like cotton balls, swabs, bandages, and tape for wraps. These kits come in different sizes and some are more specialized, for example they make kits for dogs that take part in agility and other events.

One doesn’t have to buy an already made kit, of course. Like buying a first aid kit for people, this is a matter of convenience and making sure you have the most likely needed supplies on hand.

It is a good idea to have bandage wraps on hand, and some cotton swabs for applying ointments or removing blood if you’re trying to see if a small wound might need a stitch from the veterinarian. 

As we have discussed here before, it is also a good idea to keep some antihistamine on hand- dog’s can have allergic reactions that close off their airways and suffocate them. An antihistamine can provide life saving minutes that allow you to get to a veterinarian.  There are antihistamines made specifically for dogs; in a pinch people antihistamines can also be used but always talk to your vet before giving people medication to dogs.

Another good thing to have on hand is a styptic powder that causes blood clotting if a dog’s nail gets clipped too short or ripped short. There are different brands on the market.

 I know that other people have home remedies for constant ailments
that their dogs encounter. Those with dogs who can get loose stools or constipation like to keep a can of pumpkin on hand; I have used raw carrots and celery for these same conditions.

Fibrous vegetables are handy for providing moisture and consistency in stools.
Yes, we provide the information here you never knew you wanted… :-)


Please share your own favorite home remedies or health kit must-haves with us. We’re all always looking for good tips to help keep the canines in our families healthy.            

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