Fast Growing Golden Puppy

As mentioned recently, some of my friends are adding new puppies to their families this fall. The first to arrive has been Ollie; in the less than one week he has been in his new home we can already see him grow.

This is Ollie meeting his big brother Gus less than a week ago.

If you stop by this blog regularly, then you probably recognize Gus. He’s so lovely that we have to slip his picture in semi-regularly.

We also like to slip in the occasional pictures of Gus’ adopted sisters.

I have a particular place in my heart for Gus’ senior adopted sister Ruby, who was brought into the family as a health challenged elderly dog whose remaining time on earth has been made more comfortable by her person.

We attempted to get a family picture tonight but it was not the most successful photo op I’ve ever tried to arrange. Gus’ younger sister Zoe was not in a cooperative mood. So Ollie decided to attack her face.

Believe it or not, this actually did not ensure any greater cooperation from Zoe.

As usual, the elder dog of the family was the one constant — notice her virtual frozen pose? Of course, poor Gus was a little distracted by thunder. We had this storm rolling in….

So I guess we were lucky to get any pictures at all.

I’m sure as the fuzzy boy grows into the handsome young dog he is becoming we will see Ollie updates. Anyone else adding a new canine – young, old or middle aged – to their family? We always welcome other people’s stories if you care to share….

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