English Bull Terrier Book: Gracie’s Memoir

We’re so excited!

Okay, I’m so excited – Gracie is considerably less so. Maybe if she understood that this could mean an increase in her treat supply she might be more enthusiastic.

After a considerable amount of work we are able to make available Gracie’s Memoir. Or more accurately, my memoir of how Gracie came into my life, some of the lessons she’s taught me, what life was like when we temporarily fostered her 1/2 sister Katie, and how Lil came into our world after Katie moved to her forever home.

As fascinating as I find Gracie specifically, and English Bull Terriers in general, I also recognize that they are decidedly not a breed for everyone. One of the things that always concerns me when a book comes out featuring a dog of an identifiable breed is that some readers will, based on the book, think that they ought to run out and acquire a member of that breed. In order to better serve Gracie’s public, the chapters about her life are inter-mixed with chapters about finding a dog that is suitable to the reader’s lifestyle; history and development of the breed – (because where a breed comes from can be telling about what they are suited for); how to do some basic temperament testing when adopting a dog – and other tidbits that can be helpful to anyone considering adding a dog to their family or wanting some more tips about successfully living with dogs.

And as I always do, I try to reflect on our lives with some humor and the warning, “Don’t necessarily do what I do – learn from my mistakes!” So hopefully even if you already have an encyclopedic knowledge of dogs, and never want to live with a Bull Terrier, you might still find this a fun read that simultaneously allows you to be thankful you live with the dog(s) you do, rather than with us.

My goal in writing this wasn’t just to share our life-lessons; this book is also a reflection on how “dog people” have lives that are richer and more interesting because we are blessed with canine companions. Face it, it’s just hard to be bored when you live with a dog. Or to feel completely unloved when you have at least one being in the world who thinks you ROCK because you can put food in a bowl and take walks.

I would like to give some copies of the book away to people who would be interested in reading it and leaving feedback on our Amazon page, as well as to at least one person who blogs and would be willing to review the book.
Please leave a comment in the discussion section letting me know you are interested in winning a copy.

I will give one copy to someone who is a reader willing to comment; one copy to a fellow blogger who is willing to consider writing a review on their blog. I think I’ll attach the names of interested parties to individual dog biscuits and let Gracie do the selecting. I promise – all biscuits will be of equal quality, size, shape. Let’s allow two weeks for people to enter – so the contest will close on March 5 at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Since the book is available through Amazon, if you live in a country that Amazon delivers to, you can enter – you just have to be willing to give me your address if you win.

The book can be ordered now through Createspace:  Book order
and will be available between February 23 – 25 on Amazon.
We’re also making it available as a free download for those who belong to Amazon Prime’s lending library program.(Remember non-Kindle owners, you can now view Kindle books on any computer etc. by downloading the free Cloud Reader app.)

Thanks in advance to all who express interest!

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