Easter Bunny Understudy Tryouts

It isn’t easy being the Easter Bunny. What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are tough neighborhoods for a bunny to patrol. These are neighborhoods with a lot of dog activity – particularly  areas with rabbit hunting dogs.

So the Easter Bunny is holding tryouts for understudies and assistants. Not everyone gets elves like Santa has – the Easter Bunny needs to find his own assistants.

Some are very happy, excited even to be trying out.

Others are bringing their own back up, to show the Easter Bunny that they can basically provide an understudy team.

A few just don’t seem to be as into the opportunity — maybe they’re trying out to please their mothers, I’m not sure.

Some seem a little better suited to the role of actually filling for the EB than others…I think this is one of those situations where size does make a difference.

At the same time, it seems like a good idea for any EB wanna be to be big enough to pick up and carry an Easter basket, as opposed to needing a ride in it.

I imagine there are many qualities that go into being a good EB helper, including size, enthusiasm, and an ability to pass up opportunities to hunt your boss.

And I’m sure some breeds do better at avoiding the allure of the Easter treats than others. Children aren’t very happy when their Easter baskets show up with nothing but plastic grass left inside.

If you happen to know any viable candidates for EB backups, understudies, and/or assistants, be sure to forward their picture to me. I’m doing everything I can to assist the Easter Bunny in maintaining personal safety during the delivery season.

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