Dozer the English Bull Terrier

I was very pleased to hear recently from another EBT person who found this site and graciously took the time to share some photos and stories with us today.

Dozer lives with his people in Queensland, Australia.
His person Kim shares:

We have many stories to tell of Dozer and his antics, some are very funny…, but not at the time!!!! Both my partner & I work full time, and Dozer stays inside whilst we are at work as we are terrified if he gets stolen, however one particular day I came home to a living room in chaos as Dozer decided to do a spot of reading – every magazine that was on the shelf of the coffee table was shredded throughout the living room. As a puppy he has chewed the bottom of the coffee table to get his ball, and carpet and the legs from our reasonably new dining table!!! Teething eh!!!!

Unfortunately we were robbed twice within 6 months last year, hence getting Dozer after the first robbery, but he was there at the time of the second robbery, thankfully not stolen, but we think he was hurt during the process as he had never before vomited, peed or pooed all at once in a short time, he was only 6 months old at the time…….but another time I came home thinking we were robbed a third time and after my panic settled, I realized that Dozer had done some furniture re-organization!!!

Thanks so much Kim for sharing with us.
Sounds like Dozer is having a very busy life so far- we’re very glad he wasn’t stolen!

I always enjoy hearing about other people’s canine companions and I hope that more people will choose to share, [email protected], I welcome pictures and stories.

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