Don’t Feed the Beasts: They’ll feed themselves

From a recent evening at our home…. 

 I left the living room for a few minutes.

On a corner table, near the sofa I left an open box of sweet, crunchy goodness.

I came back to a scene that almost made me yell.

Then I started laughing and grabbed my camera instead.

And her dog sitting auntie wonders why Gracie’s gained a little weight lately.

Did I mention Gracie has also taught herself how to open and self-feed cat food from a closed container,  when she’s not under alert supervision? (I have a bad habit of being physically present without being mentally alert. Gracie has unfortunately figured this out.)

Gracie tries to convince me she doesn’t know what is going on; I’m beginning to believe my friend’s assessment – Gracie is actually an evil genius.

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Saved by dogs
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