Dogs and their Animal Friends

Everyone needs a friend, right?

Dogs, like people, were born prewired to be social. They’re pack animals.

 And while we’ve bred them away from their packs, we haven’t changed the part of their nature that craves interaction with other animals.

Some dogs get to hang out with other dogs. Other dogs were bred to spend their lives with other animals, particularly livestock guardian dogs — they were developed to live with the animals they protect.

Yet other dogs, finding themselves without a pack or best dog friend, find other animals to be buddies with.

I find this can lead to some pretty smile worthy moments.

Does your dog have a best friend?

A buddy? 

An associate that they don’t mind letting touch them?

Please share if so :-)

Four Friends: Gus, Ruby, Zoe, and Fred (don’t tell Fred he’s a cat)

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