Dog Weddings: Fund Raiser or just Plain Fun?

 A dog wedding was held in New York’s Central Park to raise money for the Humane Society. Not such a bad idea I suppose; the press however, has focused on the amount of money raised as if that were what was spent on the wedding itself.

 People seem to like the idea of extending “wedded bliss” to our canine companions — and of course, a wedding is a good excuse for a party and fancy clothes.

 In the Netherlands 27 canine couples were married at once. This record was eventually beat when 50 dog couples got married at once in Colorado…consider it a different kind of doggy social event.

Having gone to more than my share of weddings when my friends were all jumping on the happily-ever-after bandwagon when we were in our twenties, and being well past that age now, I personally currently would prefer not to go out of my way to attend any wedding.

But this is another kind of dress up and really — dressing up dogs does tend to be entertaining. And as ultimately happens with weddings, how do you avoid the excitement over the ultimate wedding question – what will the bride wear?

We dress our dogs up in all kinds of things that are often designed to amuse us, or that strike us as appropriate for certain events. Why not add weddings to the mix? Particularly with pups who will be sharing a house, like the Great Dane and Lab in this picture whose owners are also getting married.

The difference between dogs and people of course, is that really there can’t be much expectation of fidelity…on the dog’s part…people are free to expect all sorts of things from each other :-)

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