Does anyone else see the trend?

We think we’re noticing something that is becoming too common to be a mere coincidence.

We will share some pictures here to see if anyone else notices it.

Blonde dogs in front of pastel backgrounds might be your first guess. 

You’re sort of on the right track.

Look a little more closely though.

We can’t help but think there’s more going on here then the standard dog portrait….

Is anyone else starting to feel there’s a larger theme here?

Far be it from us to sound an alarm when it isn’t necessary.

But by now we think we’ve provided enough photographic proof to substantiate our claim.

Big white Easter Bunnies are using their fairly generic appearance as a cover to befriend, then dog-nap, hapless dogs.

Evidence suggests there is an extended  ring of them and we fear their operation has spread internationally.


The next time a big bunny starts to sidle up to your pooch – they may not have the innocent intentions that you’d expect from an Easter Rabbit.

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