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Pets sleep 13 or more hours a day. Choosing the right dachsund beds is key to ensuring a nice comfortable place to rest. Dachshund beds come in many different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right one for your pet takes some research.

Best dog beds for dachshunds



You must first observe the sleeping habits of your dachsund to determine if they are nesters, bed hogs, or chin resters. Next you should know the length and width of your dog or cat. When you take your dachshund for its medical check up’s, the vet can give you those measurements. Some dachshund will sleep curled up while others like to stretch along the bed. How your dachsund sleeps will reveal the ideal type of bed to purchase. If your dachsund likes to sleep on your bed or on the sofa that means it prefers a soft, warm spot. Most dachsunds do prefer soft cushioned spots, but there are some dogs who like sleeping on the floor or carpet, especially in places that are not covered. This mainly applies to big dogs with heavy fur.

Most dogs would be most enthusiastic about a lounging bed since they tend to prefer higher sides which make them feel more protected and safe. Some beds are especially good for older arthritic dogs. Burrowing dogs like dachshunds, should have a small blanket they can snuggle under. Cats will prefer a round concave nest, mostly because they are privacy seekers.

Dachsund beds should be placed away from drafty, high traffic areas which can be disruptive and lead to health problems. A good place for your dachshund bed is next to your bed or in your living room next to the sofa.

Once you have decided on the basic elements for your dachsund, you will want to define whether the bed will travel with you on trips. Some dachshund beds are more portable than others. If your dog will not be traveling, consider a sturdier bed such as a sofa bed. The bed should be waterproof and warm enough if it will on occasion be moved outside to the patio or balcony.

Due to the huge variety of dachshund beds available today choosing the right one can be a daunting task. One good rule to follow is to make sure the quality of the bedding is good. Sometimes dogs like chewing on their beds so choose carefully to avoid any digestion issues.


The Benefits of dachsund beds

Dachshund dog beds help cushion the joints and bones, especially for older, arthritic, overweight and large dogs. Good dachshund dog bed will provide comfort while relieving joint pains. Orthopedic dachshund beds in particular.

Dachshund dog beds can provide warmth and comfort to dogs. In cold winter, dogs can curl and “nest” comfortably in dachsund beds, especially true for small dogs. You may even want to consider heated dachsund beds if your dog is a puppy, ageing or suffers from arthritis.

Dog beds can provide dogs with a sense of security. “Nesting” creates a “wall” around your dog, hence giving your dog a sense of privacy and security.

With proper dog training, your dog will learn to rest in just dachsund beds and stay off your furniture without your approval. This helps minimize chances of furniture damage or dog injuries from jumping all over your furniture.

Certain Dog beds can improve your dog’s cleanliness and health. Cedar dachsund beds in particular, can help in flea management and prevent flea infestation in your dog and Cedar is a natural flea repellent.
Convinced that a good dachshund bed is top of your dog supplies list? Let’s take a look at the types of dachsund beds in the market.

Types of dachsund beds

Different dog beds have different benefits. There are many different types of dachshund bed available, categorize according to:

Size – Extra large dog beds, large dog beds, small dog beds, etc. When choosing the size, measure your dog’s length when sleeping. Add 6 inches if you are getting a nest dog bed and 12 inches if you are getting a mattress type dog bed.

Shape – Nest dog beds allow dogs to curl and sink into a warm, comfortable and secure cradle. Ideal if you dog loves to circle around making a nest of his bed or enjoys sleeping curled up like a ball. Then you have mattresses for dogs to lie stretch out straight on his stomach.

Purpose – Orthopedic dog beds for older, arthritic or overweight dogs. Designer dog beds for you to pamper your dog. Cedar dog beds for fleece management and dog odor control. Water proof dog beds for outside dogs. Crate dog bed for crates, etc.



When choosing a dachsund beds, it is important to bear in mind 2 considerations. The dog bed selected must be comfortable for your dog. Also, the dachsund beds cover must allow easy cleaning. Go for quality dog beds and not inferior discount dachsund beds and they are much more comfortable and durable.

Dachshund beds are usually placed in the living room or bedroom as this where the family spends most time in. Some dog lovers actually have several dachshund beds located throughout their house so that the dog has a choice as to where to rest and sleep. In any case, make sure that dog beds are placed in low traffic and out of the way spot so that it does not overly disturb your dog’s rest.


Factors to Consider in Buying a Dachsund beds

Dachsund beds are the type of purchase that can be both beneficial for your pet as well as spoil your dog. Dog beds can be incredibly comfortable, with some dog beds using softer material than most human pillows. These dachshund beds are designed for the canine’s comfort, and as such they provide a single place for your dog to sleep or rest any time it is tired after a long walk or a long night of nipping at your feet.

But before you get a dachsund beds, you should consider all of the following to make sure that your purchase is the right one for both you and your dog.

Things to Consider dachshund bed

1. Size

First and foremost, you must make sure that you get a bed that is the right size for your dog. A bed that is too small is not going to be very comfortable, and a bed that is too large is going to take up a great deal of space for no apparent reason. Most dachsund bedswill tell you the size dog that fits on them (or a close approximation) and if you are not sure, consider going with one size up just in case.

2. Softness

Unless your dog has special needs, you will likely want to get the softest bed possible on your budget. Dachsund beds are not that cheap. The average cost of a small, square, basic flat bed is roughly 20 dollars, and the more plush variety can number into the hundreds. Softness is one of the factors that feeds into that, but a softer bed is far more likely to get use, so you should strongly consider splurging a bit extra on a soft one if you can.

3. Height

There are raised dachshund beds that are actually very nice for dog. But these raised beds may be too high for older dogs or dogs with any physical handicap or pain, so they are not ideal for all pets. You can find raised dachsund beds that are useful for dogs with pain as well, but the bed will need to be lower. Dachshunds and similar dogs should also get smaller beds.

4. Design

Dachsund beds come in a variety of interesting designs. Some even have covers, while others look exactly like couches. The fancier the design, the more the dachshund bed will cost, but fancier designs also make them more attractive in your home, so there are still benefits there. There are even design elements that affect how much your dog will like its bed, including covered dachshund beds that make some pets feel safer.

5. Special Features

Though in general you are likely looking for something basic, there are some special features to dog beds that your dog may enjoy. This includes things like heaters and coolers to make sure that your dog is kept comfortable in any environment. There are also features for dogs with orthopedic problems that allow your dog to rest pain free. There are even bunk beds for two dog households.

Dachsund beds are fairly simple, and most likely your dog will be pleased even with the most basic mat. But dogs still do enjoy some of the finer things and these options allow you to give your dog something more than just a place to sleep.


What are the benefits of dog beds for dachshunds?

Dog beds are a nice addition to your home. Everyone likes to spoil their pets, and a dachshund dog bed provides them with a quick and easy way to give their dog something nice, luxurious and comfortable that their dog will be able to enjoy whenever they want.

But dachshund dog beds do have benefits beyond simply rewarding your pet for being a good pet. They provide psychological benefits that are great for all dogs, in addition to the added benefits that you get from providing your dog with a place to sleep. Here are some of the benefits of dog beds for your pet.


Benefits dachshund dog bed

Psychological Benefits

Dogs are notoriously stressed and anxious creatures. Though they live a fairly easily going life, they have a variety of habitual behaviors that rarely get an opportunity to present themselves within the home. One such example is with security – dogs feel less secure when they do not have a place for themselves. A dachshund bed gives your dog a single place to lay that belongs solely to your dog, and this allows them to feel far more relaxed inside your home than they would be otherwise. A dog that is more relaxed is a dog that lives longer and stays more well behaved.

Joint and Bone Benefits

Dogs are also notorious for their joint problems. From years of breeding from wolves, dogs no longer have bodies that meet the optimum shape of their joints – no matter how proportionate they may look. Dachshund beds give your dog something comfortable to sleep on, which greatly reduces pressure on your dog’s bones and joints. It’s not perfect, but since every little bit helps, dog beds are a great way to reduce pain to your pet.

Keeps Dogs Warm/Cool

Who hasn’t slept on a mattress and fount that, compared to the air around them, the mattress is the perfect temperature? When a dog sleeps on the cold floor or a hot carpet, they are raising or lowering their temperature to uncomfortable levels. Dachshund beds will maintain excellent body temperature no matter what the season.

Less Skin Irritation

Dog beds ensure that your dog is not sleeping on any foods or debris that may cause your dog to start itching or feeling uncomfortable. When your dog can sleeps everywhere, who knows what they may be sleeping on, and those pieces of crud may cause skin irritations to your pet.

Additional Benefits

In addition to these benefits, dog beds have the opportunity to reduce the amount of hair that you get on your floors by giving your dog a single place to sleep, and it will reduce the amount of effort your dog puts into trying to get onto your couch or bed. Having a dachshund bed in the house for your pet to enjoy allows you to give your dog some needed benefits while reducing cleaning issues on your end, making it a great purchase for your canine companion.


Basic Types of dachsund beds

There are several different types of dachsund beds available. Pet manufacturers are consistently trying to balance comfort and style, which has led to the creation of a variety of dachsund beds that appear at first glance to be more comfortable than their human equivalents. But there are still some very basic dog bed styles that you can find at almost any pet store for those interested in finding a sleeping location for their pet.

Basic Dog Bed Styles

· Flat Bed

The most basic style of dog bed is the flat bed. Flat beds are like a thin cushion or pillow. They are usually no greater than a few inches of cushioning and almost exclusively found to be shaped like rectangles, though there are round flat beds available. Because dogs used to sleep on dirt and rocks, even these basic beds are adequate for your dog.

· Crate Beds

Crate beds are almost identical to flatbeds, except they have been carefully measured to fit directly inside of your crates. The bottom of a create is plastic and hard, so crate beds are often added to provide at least some degree of comfort while the dog is sleeping inside of it.

· Plush Pillows

Plush pillows are actually some of the most luxurious dog beds available, and there are hundreds of different designs for dog owners. They also tend to be high priced, due to an extreme level of comfort for dogs. But though they may be fancy and comfortable, they are also very simple. They are a (usually round) giant fluff pillow that is extremely soft and perfect for your dog to sleep in.

· Donut dachsund beds

Donut dog beds resemble the plush pillows, except that instead of a single giant pillow, the inside of the sunk inward, making the outer edge of the pillow look much more like a rim. Dogs that sleep in these types of pillows look as though they are within some type of enclosure.

· Nest dachsund beds

Nest dog beds are like the donut beds of standard flat beds. They are flat beds inside, but they are surrounded by a rim that helps make the dachshund dog bed look more like a nest – hence the name. Nesting dog beds are popular because they are not ambiguous – when the dog is in the best it is resting, when the dog is not it is not.

Which Type of Bed is Best?

Dogs are not too picky when it comes to their dachsund beds, despite what some dog owners would like to believe. So it does not truly matter which of these dog beds you choose for your pet. The plush pillow is likely to be the most comfortable, but it is also the most expensive, so it may not be the right choice for you. Simply go with what your budget can afford and what would look nice in your space and you should be pleased with how much your dog is using their new sleeping area.


Raised Dog Beds for dachshunds

If you own a dog, you have no doubt come home and seen your dog sleeping on your chair or couch against your wishes. Dogs often jump onto these areas because they are extremely comfortable – made for human comfort and more than adequate for a dog’s comfort.

But is that the only reason?

Dogs also jump onto couches and chairs because dogs enjoy being high up. And it is with that in mind that wiener dog bedsmanufacturers created raised wiener dog beds for dogs owners that want to give that high space for their pet.

Raised dog beds are beds that hover off the ground rather than laying directly on the ground like most wiener dog beds. Like all beds, these structures are still designed to keep your pet comfortable – made of some of the highest quality materials and a great deal of softness. But they are also designed to be practical, as there are benefits to these dog beds for both you and your pet.

5 Benefits of Raised dachsund beds

· Less Hair on the Ground

One minor, but no less beneficial aspect of raised wiener dog beds is that they do a better job keeping hair off the ground. When dog hair lies on a normal flat dachsund beds, it ends up getting kicked and breezed around, often finding itself on the floor. But with these raised structures the hair generally stays on the top of the bed, less affected by slight movements.

· Less Crud on dachshund bed

Perhaps more importantly, however, is that raised dachsund beds gather less dirt and objects that could reduce your dog’s comfort. No one is going to drop a piece of hard cereal or a rock on a raised dog bed, and it will be unlikely to be dragged their by your pet.

· Dogs Enjoy High Spaces

Dogs like being high up, so your dog is going to enjoy its raised dachshund bed more. It may take a little training but there is no doubt that your pet will be happier and more content while high up.

· Protection from Bugs

Though it is by no means the perfect defense system, these raised dachsund beds make it much less likely that your pet will be the victim of an attack from a crawling insect. Besides those pesky jumping bugs, most insects are not going to crawl up your dog’s bed.

· Better Circulation

Raised dachsund beds also allow for better air circulation, which can cool your dog in hot weather or heat your dog in cool weather, due to the way the air is able to move around the dachshund bed rather than just over it with traditional beds.

Overall, these raised beds have benefits for both you and your dog. Sometimes with these types of bed you need to give your dog a little bit of extra training before it will use the bed regularly, but there is no doubt that if you give it that training, these beds will be quite comfortable.


How do I clean my dog bed?

As much as we try to keep them clean, dogs are notoriously messy creatures. At any given moment they may be rolling around in the mud or in dirt, stepping in piles of a previous dog’s waste, drooling all over themselves or getting drenched in all types of smell and bacteria.

When you have a dog bed, those smells start to infuse into the fabric. Over constant use, the dog beds can become a melting pot of odors that have the ability to stink up your entire house or, at the very least, create an incredible eye sore as a dark, dirt stained bed tends to do.

That is why whenever you have a spare moment, you should strongly consider cleaning your dog bed in order to keep it both visibly clean and free of foul odors.

Cleaning Dog Beds

Because dog beds come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials, it is not uncommon for a dog bed to come with specific cleaning instructions. Some dog beds have layers that you can take off and wash independently, while others are not meant to be placed in a washing machine at all. The product itself should give at least generic cleaning instructions, but here is a quick “how to” on cleaning a dog bed in case you need a little help.

1. Completely spray the dog bed with some type of static eliminator in order to loosen all of the hairs and dirt that are attached to the dog bed.

2. Once you have sprayed the bed in full, use a high powered vacuum (preferably with a hose attachment) and try to suck out all of the hair and dirt directly off of the bed.

3. Use a lint roller or sticky tape to get off any additional hairs that maybe stubbornly clinging to the dog bed.

4. Remove the dog bed cover and put it in the washing machine. If your dog bed does not have a cover, check to see if it is machine washable and, if not, simply spray the entire bed with antibacterial Febreeze.

5. After washing the cover (or the entire bed, if possible), put it in the dryer on low. You do not want the cover or the bed to shrink while in the dryer. You may want to add a dryer sheet, but try to find one that is natural and hypoallergenic so that no chemicals are left on the bed.

6. Once you have replaced the cover, spray the bed with antibacterial Febreeze. Let it sit until completely dry before allowing your dog to use it again.

After washing it, you may also want to consider purchasing a cover or adding a waterproof seal to the bed. This will reduce the difficulty of cleaning it as well as prevent odors from seeping too deep into the fabric.

Remember to check to see if there are any special cleaning instructions that come with the bed before performing the above cleaning tips.


What’s the best fabric for a dog bed?

For a dog bed to be successful, it needs to be made of the right fabrics. Whether you are making the dog bed yourself or purchasing one at the store, there are “good” fabrics and then there are the best fabrics – those that are either soft enough for most dogs or durable enough to withstand some biting and general abuse.

Here are some of the best fabrics for either creating or buying a dog bed. Note: There are good fabrics not provide in the list below, but the list below is a good starting point for your own searches:

· Fleece

Warm and comfortable, fleece makes a great fabric for dog beds. Dogs generally have no allergies to fleece, and its warmth is great for dogs during winter. Fleece is the most preferred dog bed material of all homemade beds, as it is one of the few that is durable, soft and warm.

· Denim

Though it doesn’t always make the most beautiful bed, denim is extremely durable, and again dogs have no allergies to it. Denim can withstand a fair bit of biting – especially dark denim – so they can be good for mild chewers.

· Cotton

Not the most durable, but definitely one of the softest (and once again, allergy free), cotton fabrics are great for making dog beds of all types of designs.

· Canvas

It can be tough to build your own dog bed using canvas fabric, but it still works well. Canvas is extremely durable and already used by a variety of dog bed manufacturers. Great for those dogs that chew.

Bad Fabrics

Perhaps just as important as finding a good fabric for your dog is avoiding a bad fabric. It is tough to say which fabrics are the worst for your pet, because most pets are not going to have allergies to fabrics. But there are some fabrics to stay away from.

It is a good idea to stay away from synthetic fabrics. These are known to have some allergies but, more importantly, they are known to warm your dog’s skin and cause adverse reactions. It is also a good idea to not use any fabrics that have been treated with fabric softener. Fabric softener has various chemicals that can cause your dog’s skin to itch, which is obviously a big problem for your pet.

Creating a Dog Bed Yourself or Buying One from the Store

As you can see from the above list, it is not hard to find an adequate fabric to make your dog bed, and most dog bed manufacturers have you covered with fabrics that are perfectly acceptable for almost all dogs. But it is still a good idea not to simply go with the first type of material you find on hand without checking to make sure that it is a good material for dogs. Provided it is, however, you immediately have a great material that you can use to build a dog bed that your puppy is guaranteed to enjoy.

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