Chiweenie update

Today is a hang out and writing day at our house.
His majesty is not happy with this arrangement – mainly the writing part. He wants all hands petting and adoring him – not wasting time typing on a computer. He has walked across the keyboard several times now to make his disgust known. He actually managed to turn the wireless connection off and it took me several minutes to figure out how to turn it back on (never a good sign when the dog is more tech savvy than the person.)

He’s also gotten the whole house going by barking while charging back and forth on the couch, a pint size general rousing the troops. Of course, the troops aren’t all that sharp or well trained, so that just resulted in a lot of running around and jumping.

 I took his majesty outside to cool down a little and he immediately started to charge down the street, perhaps determined to go find a house where someone would give him a more devoted level of attention.

Back inside he continued to try and rouse the rabble to mutiny.

Gracie finally responded by leaping up – and infuriating his majesty by standing on his throne. They are now both not helping me in my goal to update and post here today.

So many helpers…so little help…..  :-)

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