Chihuahua, Collie, and Bull Terrier in Spring

A new spring day dawned this morning and Chi Chi and I went outside to find a new inch of snow.

While looking very fresh and clean, the snow is also a little discouraging.

Not just because it is the end of April but because it was joining the wee bit of snow we still have on the ground. Chi Chi stuck close to the clearer ground of the car for a while.

If you look closely you should be able to see the cheweenie next to the smaller snow bank in the front yard.

Cheech does in fact disappear while walking back towards the steps here…trust me, he’s in between the snowbanks on both sides of our walkway here.

Out back Gracie and Jenny were enjoying a romp in the backyard.

Gracie is standing on the top of the gate to the back pen. She and Lil are only allowed out on long leashes now because they like to hop out of the pen and visit the neghbor’s corgi – you can just see the roof of his house behind our fence and the snow bank.

Jenny is more polite and stays ‘inside’ the pen – unless the puppies take off, then she goes deaf and follows them.

I took the opportunity to glance over to the fence where my roses will be blooming…eventually.

I have roses planted in front of the six foot wooden fence – the one that is sticking out of the snow bank.

Fortunately, the sun came out latter in the day and a surprising amount of melting took place. Compare how little of the snowblower is visible in the above picture and then this evening in the picture to the right. HUGE amount of melting happening. Which makes the occasional new snow a little more bearable.

Chi Chi finds the snow no problem at all. He likes to go out and sniff around, marking, and checking out what is happening in the neighborhood. He’s also decided he can walk up the stairs to the second floor when he really wants to know what is happening up there – when he’s feeling less energetic he just stays in the living room barking his encouragement for me to return.

He growls to let me know that my delivery of his meal is acknowledged, and growls when he’s given a biscuit. He has decided that he will allow me the company of his presence at night, and now is back to sleeping in the big bed. I didn’t even hear him growl at the cat last night when she also got on the bed. She’s always ignored him but that didn’t stop him from grumbling about her presence in the past. I guess his majesty is getting more tolerant of we peasants who insist on loitering in his presence.

And just in case you’re wondering – the neighborhood watch is still on high alert – just in case someone walks by and needs barking at.

Yes, despite the snow we’re having a busy spring. So busy in fact that for brief moments during the day his majesty sometimes needs to find a cluttered, out of the way corner, where he sits contemplatively for a few moments.

And then the royal whim passes and he curls back up on his fleecy blanket and goes back to sleep. Turns out Chihuahua royalty needs a lot of naps so they’re ready for whatever crops up during the day. 

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