Cane Corso Italiano: The smaller Italian Mastiff

Muscular, intelligent, indifferent to strangers…until the stranger presents a danger. If one wants a member of the mastiff family that is athletic, less prone to drool, and a candidate for being a service or therapy dog then the Corso is a breed worth considering.

This breed is noted for their natural ability to be both devoted family member and diligent protector. They are particularly valued for their stable personality and ability to judge the difference between strangers, and actual danger.

This is a good dog for families, very tolerant of children and other animals. At the same time their looks are formidable and this is another member of the mastiff family who will discourage unwelcome visitors just by looking at them.

The Cane Corso is not the breed for you if you need to be away from home most of the time. They can become destructive when they feel lonely or neglected, or when they are not exercised.

This is not a breed for the first time dog owner, the Corso requires a person
who is able to provide strong and consistent leadership that is fair
handed. They do not respond well to people who try and dominate them but
do well with someone who is calmly confident.

If you can provide consistent training and lots of interactions, if you want an exercise partner to go for long walks or jogging, if you like a mastiff but not the drool that can sometimes come with being a mastiff – then the Cane Corso Italiano is worth serious consideration.

As the Cane Corso becomes more popular they also become seen more often in rescue and shelters. The advantage of adopting an adult is you know exactly how big your dog is going to get – it’s important to realize how big a doggy bed you’re friend is going to need :-)

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