Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky: a Few Facts From Life!

There’s no rejecting that the majority of dogs are normally drawn to beef jerky due to the meaningful aroma as well as taste preference. But should your pet dog really be eating beef jerky and also is it safe for them to do so?

Well, in this guide, we’re going to address all of these questions and more, so let’s take a closer look.

Is Beef Jerky Safe For Dogs?

While lean beef is typically all right for dogs to consume, it’s safe to claim that the ordinary beef jerky reward is much more dangerous for your dog.

Beef jerky

One of the primary reasons for this truth results from the variety of unhealthy components that can be located in most industrial jerky, such as the very high levels of sodium, along with onion and also garlic, which is both poisonous to dogs.

Obviously, there are additionally many different flavorings and spices that are typically utilized in beef jerky, and most of these additives will certainly be inappropriate for a pet dog’s nutritional needs. As a matter of fact, several of them can be quite distressing to your dog’s digestion system.

In addition, certain sorts of beef jerky can be extremely high in fat, which can likewise result in additional wellness problems for your dog, as well as even contribute to liver illness and comparable issues.

It is very important to note the difficulty that dogs have with salt. Despite the fact that beef jerky isn’t the healthiest treat for humans because of the high salt content, this element can be especially frustrating and also even dangerous for dogs. For some perspective, a human ought to normally have less than 1500 mg of salt a day, whereas a pet shouldn’t discuss 10% of this quantity! Just as you would certainly anticipate, it’s really easy to provide your canine way too much salt if you’re feeding them jerky.

Beef jerky

Furthermore, there have actually been different scary stories pertaining to jerky that’s often been sourced from China. As an example, in 2007, countless dogs ended up being really sick because of damaging components finding their means right into jerky products.

Worryingly, the exact reason for this issue wasn’t identified, in spite of many potential concerns being examined. Although it seems that melamine was located to be the culprit in a lot of cases, which had been included in enhancing the evident healthy protein content, however, is actually highly troublesome for family pets, triggering kidney failure when consumed.

Inevitably, this implies you must be additional alert about the ingredients that are used in any type of item that you’re giving to your dog.

Yet additional potential trouble is the high-calorie nature of beef jerky, which can add to weight gain and also obesity for lots of dogs, and also this can lead to further health difficulties later on.

What Are The Dangers Or Side Effects?

One of the most likely negative effects of your pet consuming jerky will certainly be stomach concerns. These impacts can range anywhere from light indigestion to something much more harmful, depending on the quantity they’ve consumed and what the active ingredients were.

Can dogs eat beef jerky

Further symptoms to watch out for will consist of dehydration, vomiting, as well as diarrhea, raised body temperature level, as well as possibly seizures and also death in the worst situation scenarios of salt intoxication. If you suspect your pet dog has actually consumed something they shouldn’t as well as their behavior is uncommon, it is necessary to speak to an expert veterinarian or poisonous substance hotline, preferably with all the information you have available, such as component labels.

Salt poisoning is a usual potential danger postured from jerky, as well as this,  might materialize itself in a series of symptoms such as indigestion, loss of control, excessive dehydration, and also other weird behaviors that are uncommon for your dog. Once again, getting in touch with a veterinarian is very essential in order to have the problem dealt with prior to kidney damages occurs.

Just How To Make Homemade Jerky For Dogs

It’s possible to make your very own jerky for your pet, and it’ll certainly be much safer and also much healthier than letting your dog eat jerky that’s been developed for human beings.

Furthermore, you can make use of a series of different meats when making jerky for our pet dog, so your options might include beef, turkey, lamb, duck, tuna, salmon, as well as extra. Inevitably, this gives you a lot of flexibility and selection when making jerky, as well as you can always pick much healthier meats that are lower in fat.

Can dogs eat beef jerky

The most convenient way to make much healthier beef jerky for your pet dog is to use a few pounds of lean beef, cut it right into reasonably sized strips, as well as either uses a food dehydrator or prepare it in the oven for a number of hours up until it’s been totally dried out. You can after that keep these strips in an impermeable container for a couple of weeks without any trouble, and use them as a periodic reward for your canine.

It goes without claiming that you will not wish to include any flavors to the homemade jerky if you want it to continue to be dog-friendly, neither must you add any type of salt, chemicals, flavorings, or seasonings that would make it unhealthy for your pooch.

The Facts About Feeding Jerky to Your Dog

Back in 2016, there was mass alarm among canine owners over possibly-fatal jerky deals with. Stories of sick as well as passing away dogs were around the media. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) even released a record identifying around 5,200 issues and also more than 1,140 related canine deaths from 2007 throughout 2015. These instances were enough for a lot of canine proprietors to beware of any kind of product that was identified as jerky for dogs.

Beef jerky

While the fear of inferior and also possibly dangerous jerky treats is understandable, that doesn’t mean you ought to blindly substitute suspect dog treats with your favored teriyaki or peppered jerky. Even if jerky made for people is a wonderful source of protein for you, it doesn’t suggest it will not detrimentally affect your puppy.

Jerky for Dogs

Dogs’ systems don’t do well with abrupt changes, which is why also altering your dog’s regular food needs a slow shift from one brand to an additional. Similarly, if you’re thinking about sharing your jerky with your pup, you need to think about the quality, taste as well as the salt web content of your jerky.

Anything that is extremely refined is never ever good for you or your pet dog, which puts on jerky too. Jerky that has a lot of chemicals, spices, included tastes or pepper will certainly likely upset your canine’s belly. The biggest issue with feeding jerky to your dog, nevertheless, focuses on sodium degrees.

Beef jerky

Salt is extremely hard on a pet dog’s system. While tiny levels of salt are necessary to keep good health, high-salt diet plans can lead to sodium poisoning. In addition to extreme thirst as well as urination, salt poisoning can trigger throwing up, looseness of the bowels, muscle spasms, fluid accumulation, enhanced heart price as well as a whole host of other symptoms– including death. For these factors, if you’re wanting to share your jerky with your pooch, you need to stick to all-natural jerky that is without any included chemicals, seasonings or salt.

While level, unsalted jerky may be a reward for your dog, it’s understandable that you might not be quite so ready to quit your preferred flavored jerky (even if it is for your best friend on 4 legs). Regardless of the previously-mentioned pet dog deal with a jerky scare, there is quality jerky for dogs. So long as it’s pure, naturally dried out, single-source healthy protein, your pet dog can chow down on as much beef, bison, venison or elk jerky his or her heart wishes.

Beware of Chinese Imports

In 2014, NBC was among numerous information media firms talking about a current string of incidents related to ailment as well as even deaths in dogs. More than 1,000 dogs had died after eating jerky-treats made for animals. The FDA started carrying out research and also had the ability to figure out that treats imported from China were the primary culprit. One veterinarian in Brooklyn even declared that he had seen the deaths of a lot associated with the jerky-treats within a three-year period.

The FDA has tested for multiple disease-causing factors, such as salmonella, but have yet to identify the specific problem that leads to illness and fatalities in these Chinese-imported dog treats. Because of this, responsible fur parents have been shying away from Chinese-made dog food, compelling many pet food companies to reconsider their relationship with Chinese suppliers.


In the substantial majority of cases, it’s best to say no when ahead to providing your pet beef jerky. There are way too many damaging ingredients to be discovered in these products, such as salt, onions, garlic, seasonings, additives, flavors, as well as extra.

While it is possible to make healthier options with homemade jerky, it’s frequently wiser and easier to merely switch out the jerky deals with for options that are far more dog-friendly, to begin with.

Actually, there are many high-quality, tasty, and nutritious dog treats that you can give to your dog without much worry.

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