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 Today I’d like to share some other dog blogs; some I’ve found in my own wanderings around the Web, others have been sent to me by alert reader Cate, who lives with the lovely Bearded Collie, Stella, in London, England (not to be confused with London, Ont. Canada.)

 We’ll start today with our new Web friend, Sue Kottwitz, whose dog blog can be found at Talking Dogs Blog:
 Sue shares interests with those who read here in dog adoption, rescue, and doing away with puppy mills.


 Sue’s canine friends who appear regularly in her blog are: Jeffie, Rudy, and Lucy.

Sue makes jewelry, and other useful things like dog leash holders featuring dog art, some of which can be found here:



As well as being loving companions, Jeffie, Rudy, and Lucy hold company positions: Shipping, Security, and Quality Control.
Once again reminding me that Jenny, Gracie, and Lil are rather underemployed at this time….

And least Jenny agreed to be the avatar/iconic representative for me on this blog…unlike Gracie who kept looking out the window or Lil who keeps trying to see how close it is possible to get to a camera when someone is trying to take a picture.

Gracie “working”

This picture to the left is another typical Gracie “pose” as she buries her head under a blanket.

Next we have a combination of posted pictures and Web sit…not exactly a dog blog but such an adorable dog that we cannot overlook him.
The dog’s photos are at this site:

 The pup pictured is Mr. Cutie, a Spanish Water Dog – he owns humans who own a bakery – Ayres the Bakers – which you can visit here:

 Mr. Cutie, pre-hair cut

 If you’re  ever in the area (Nunhead, London and Welling, Kent, England) this looks like a very lovely set of bakeries to visit. (I do love a good bakery – even more so when the bakers live with well cared for dogs.)

The Early Ayres shop

An Ayres the Bakers Cream Cake

A British blogger that Cate has brought to my attention is Beverley Cuddy at Cold Wet Nose Blog:

Beverly is the editor and publisher of Dogs Today magazine; a look at the cover of the March,2012 issue:

As well as reading the interesting blog, those who would like can obtain subscriptions to Dogs Today at Beverly’s site.

Next we have a blog that offers insight into life on a working ranch, Range to Range, a blog about “working life on a 250,000 acre ranch in SE Oregon”:

While the posts cover a “range” (sorry for that) of topics, there are a pair of working Maremma sheepdogs and a Golden Retriever who live on the … range…and show up often in the blog. This picture of one of the two year old Maremmras working with the sheep really made me chuckle:

I believe this would be a version of relaxed guard duty – meant to lure predators in by making them think the guard is either sleeping or has passed away during the night.

 Not wanting to ruin the working reputation of these pups, I decided I better include a picture showing they also know how to use the more common guard dog poses.

Cleutus and Bruno live with their sheep, cattle, chickens, milking cows and goats, and people — the people are Petey and Randyman. Petey is the author of the blog; she has a nice post up about the orphan lamb that was keeping her company in the house dated February 18, 2012.

To skip back to nearly where I started – Sue shared a dog related YouTube video on her blog today that I would also like to link to here – it is worth watching:

Thanks much Sue for linking this so more people could see it.

There are many more dog blogs and spots were dogs are being discussed out there on the Web. Please share your favorites, including your own spot with us. As always, we love to hear about how dogs are living elsewhere, to share pictures, and to have little glimpses into the lives of people and dogs around the world.

And thanks much Cate for taking time to hook me up with some links :-)

P.S. I’ve tried to triple check my spellings and make sure I’ve gotten people’s names and businesses right – please forgive any errors you may find, and bring mistakes to my attention so that I may correct them.

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