Another storm, another dog napping-day

Chi-Chi is fitting in like he’s always lived here, including figuring out how to get up on the couch without human assistance. Which is handy since as the only human in the house I can’t always be meeting everyone’s needs at the exact same moment.

Outside we’re having the worst storm yet of this winter. Jenny and Lil still have to go out into their back run at least once an hour to see if anything exciting and new has happened since the last time they checked. Gracie is satisfied to walk within a body space of the door, then turns and runs back inside. Chee is a tougher snow dog than Gracie; he’s been out a few times today to march around and make sure the birds aren’t taking anything but seeds from his property.

Today I actually saw Chi-Chi laying with part of himself touching Jenny – the first time he’s let himself touch another dog here without growling. Since then he and Gracie have also come into contact with each other without Chi-Chi getting frustrated and snarling. He seems to be coming to terms with having the girls as a part of his life. He still prefers his bubble of space but he can live with the girls – if he has to :-)

Gracie, Lil, and Chi-Chi’s bubble of space

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