Another Amazing Bull Terrier visits!

Today I’m happy to introduce another Bully sweetie. This is Kenzie, who lives with her humans in Texas. 

Here’s a little info from Kenzie’s mom:

 We decided we were going to get a bull terrier, because my husband had always wanted one, and I agreed! He did a lot of research on the breed, and decided we could handle it. It has been tough, but she’s so lovable! 

Just this last week she chewed up the door frame and the siding around the window outside while we were gone!  We just started to take her to doggy day care on the days that neither of us are home, so she doesn’t get as bored and tear up more stuff. She loves it, and the guy there says she gets quite “rambunctious”! 

The dog park is another place she loves to go, although some of the dogs get a little intimidated by her bounciness.

 I love reading about others experiences with bully dogs, because they all sound like they act the same! For instance, running around the house like a mad dog, and crashing in to the wall or piece of furniture with a loud thud. It gets very entertaining! Also the fact that the love to be immediately in your space.

 In the mornings when my husband leaves for work, she gets in the bed with me, and won’t go back to sleep unless she is on me, half way on me, her nose stuffed under my side, or laying along side me, curled up with her back against my side! She has proved herself to be a tough one to train, but we have finally taught her to sit and stay for about 30 seconds when we get home so she doesn’t jump all over us, and she will sit there with her tail wagging 90 miles an hour, shaking because she is barely able to contain her excitement until we give her a scratch behind her ear!

Thank you Alianna for taking the time to share your lovely girl with us! 

I enjoy meeting dogs and people through this blog and hope that more of you will contact me with stories and pictures of your pups, [email protected]


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