Valentine’s Day and the One you Love

Obviously this will be about spending Valentine’s Day with the one you can truly count on to be there for you – your ever faithful canine companion. The significant other that you almost always enjoy spending time with. Not that there’s anything wrong with giving the people in your life some time. Just as long as the people do not take away for the dog’s enjoyment of quality events on this special day.

Of course, we all know now that dogs are not allowed to eat chocolate because it can be toxic to them.
Many dogs refuse to believe this so we must protect them from themselves. I once knew an aged, chubby English Setter (who had been born deaf.) I knew her in the time before it was widely known that chocolate was bad for dogs. In her youth she used a kitchen chair to maneuver her way onto the top of a refrigerator where her young owner had stored a full, very large box of chocolates that she received as a Valentine’s Day gift from her beau at the time. (I’m not sure if this was a comment on the beau or just a real piggy need for something she should not have had that lead to this action.)

While she did survive this encounter with five pounds of candy just fine, and while she couldn’t hear her owner’s dismay at coming home to an empty heart shaped box and a kitchen floor scattered with those little papers that chocolates are placed in, she still did a very naughty thing that could have hurt her. So help the canine you love and go to more effort when it comes to hiding the bad stuff.

 It probably would be a good idea to have a little something special on hand to replace the heart filled with chocolate, which dogs can’t have but which they seem to instinctively crave. Anything that people make such a fuss over is probably good, they know, so try making a fuss over something that they can have and enjoy.
Like a healthy meal.

Everyone enjoys a nice meal but remember – don’t overdue it. Notice in the picture to the left that the wine glass is for the person – not the dog. Drinking non-water beverages is generally never appropriate for dogs, even with a special meal, on a special day. Again, keep the non-appropriate choices carefully hidden to avoid temptation.

Also, don’t overdue the quantity of food given; true this is a special day but you don’t want to create an upset tummy for your friend, and a cleaning mess for yourself. Moderation in all things.


Of course, many of us to like to dress up for the special meal and special day.

The question may be more a matter of should you choose formal or informal attire? Both have their merits and your choice may have more to do with the day’s planned activities.

If a gourmet meal is the focus of your day, then formal attire may be appropriate – it isn’t too hard to loosed a tie before laying back to let digestion take place. Or slipping of a fancy collar.

A simple string of beads and some nice stockings also make a statement…perhaps a statement that the people in a dog’s life have focused their time and energy in the wrong place but a delightful appearance can still be temporarily obtained.

Photo by Doxione

If you have a more active day planned, then temporary gear that can be adjusted or removed as activity requires would be a good idea. You don’t want a good romp on the beach or a hike in the woods to be missed just because the good clothes are on – so people should make sure they pick something that is quick to take off – the dog…we’re still talking about the dog here.

If you’re going to be outside in a chilly climate – as it will still be where I live on Valentine’s Day – then you may want to choose attire keeping this in mind. On the other hand, if you live in a warm climate, lighter gear is appropriate.


What to do for quality together time (aside from eating) will depend on you and the canine in your life.
Some couples prefer to cuddle up with a good book, or a couple of magazines, and spend the time together away from the rest of the world.

If you’re going to be reading, as my mother always said, use a good reading light and don’t forget to put on your glasses.

Maybe you are more for outdoor activity.
If you live in a warmer climate
then you may want to start preparing your yard for the coming summer.

Some of you may even have warm enough weather to enjoy spending some time in the water.

As always, whatever your choices, be responsible.
Note for example in the picture to the right that the very young are not allowed into the water while the older ones are playing a little too wildly – don’t let a few minutes of fun turn into another Valentine Day tragedy.

This also seems like a good time to remind those of you who like to get a little crazy on the holidays that we still have a responsibility to our communities not to let a good time go to our heads.

Remember, the younger generation are watching and learning from what we do. Poor behavior can set a bad example for the young pups in the crowd.

Do you really want to be remembered for the rest of your life as the guy who ran around on Valentine’s Day showing everyone what you could fit in your mouth?

The same goes for you ladies – sticking other animals in your mouth … that’s for the privacy of your own home, not public displays on Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes a simple walk is the most enjoyable way to spend quality time together. If you’re really social, then you can always invite some friends to meet you for a walk – you can keep diner together as your alone time.

I’ve always thought that the most important part of Valentine’s Day is not to let the social pressure make you feel uncomfortable. So find something to do that you will enjoy – without later regrets. Relax, be yourself, have a nice time. The great part of spending Valentine’s Day with canines is that, like all our days with them, just having canines in our lives makes relaxing and having fun a lot more likely to happen.

The Weimaraner of love

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