This is not a dog and other updates.

Is there anyone who hasn’t been incredibly busy lately?
It seems to me that with all the stress and strife the world has been going through lately that many of us have been having trouble keeping up with everything we’d like to keep up with. For me, several things have come out of this:

I haven’t been blogging – obviously.
I did write another book (see below).
I brought a rabbit into my life; that’s actually a weird response to stress I’ve exhibited before.

First, the newest member of the family – Percival.

Percy is an English Lop, currently about 6 months old. In rabbit terms this means he’s entering his ‘teen months’ the time when most rabbits are given up because they get naughty at this age.
English Lops are larger buns, with dog like personalities and very large ears.

Percy does seem to have an identity crises because he lives with dogs and cats (we’re eventually going to bring another rabbit into the family to help with this.)

He steals cat food (he didn’t get the vegan memo). Then again, the dogs steal his greens every chance they get.

When he’s really happy, he tends to look like he’s dead.

In other family news, Vinnie has a new vest, specially made with a pocket on the back so that he can assist me by carrying a pill box.

The pill box is small and metal and when Vinnie shakes while wearing his vest, it sounds like he’s a rattle.

He will not pose with his new vest on, so I do not have an even semi-nice pic of him wearing it. Sorry. He says modeling is not in his contract.

And finally, as mentioned above, I have finished the 3rd book in a series I’m working on. I expect it will be available on Amazon by the end of next week. As a Kindle it should be $2.99.

During this weekend I’m going to do my best to spend time catching up on other people’s blogs. I hope you’re all well and finding your own ways to cope with the stress, anxiety, depression that seems to have enveloped so much of the world this winter. May this summer season bring renewed hope to us all.

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