Consider Adopting a Greyhound

Athletic. Handsome. Intelligent. Affectionate. Loyal.

Good qualities to have in a companion; yours to be adopted if you are the right kind of person to live with a Greyhound.

There are a number of organizations that work to re-home former racing Greyhounds, helping these very worthy dogs transition from a life on the track to a life in the home. One of the amazing things about Greyhounds is how quickly and well they usually make this transition.

If you are responsible enough to keep a dog on a leash, and/or you have a fenced in yard that can contain a dog, if you like to jog, hike, or throw balls or pull lures around a yard, or do other activities that a dog can participate in then a Greyhound would make an attractive companion.

 When you’re done, then a Greyhound will cuddle up on the couch with you and relax. For a larger dog that needs regular exercise, Greyhounds might surprise you with what wonderful house dogs they make.

 They house train quickly and have an affinity for curling up and quietly napping in between bouts of exercise. They love people and most also enjoy the company of other dogs.

Many are also able to live with cats, although if you already live with cats I would suggest you make sure the dog you adopt has been cat tested; this is an aspect of temperament testing that rescue groups will assess a dog for.

Greyhounds also come in a range of colors, and slightly different builds. Some are slighter in size while others are well muscled and look very powerful. In general this is an athletically built dog that looks like it was bred to move.

 If you think you might be the right kind of person for a Greyhound, try checking the web for Greyhound rescue and adoption groups in your area. Greyhound rescue is also pretty great about helping dogs find ways to get to their new homes; transportation assistance is sometimes available.

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