Chi-Chi doesn’t do fashion modeling.

A very gracious friend gave Chi-Chi a new wardrobe today.

So many of the outfits would look cute on him.

Unfortunately, Chee made it very clear today that he DOES not do fashion modeling.

Over great protest he did try on two of the outfits.  (Technically we were going to try three, but a little pink number didn’t fit at all.)

This experience just clarified that Chi-Chi doesn’t care to have his legs manipulated to be placed into a jacket. I’m wondering if he had a leg injury in the past. Any future sweaters, jackets, etc. will have to be the kind that fit over his back and can be attached with Velcro – like this green cameo jacket. Even then, we had to try this jacket with one leg in, one leg out.

He did look much warmer outside with a jacket on though :-)

And I think I have a whole new appreciation for the fun that is dressing up a cute dog.

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