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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Inclement Weather fun?

Snow on January 1, 2014 - 2 months ago!

We've had a lot of snow this winter.
Even more than last winter, and of course, winter isn't over yet.

 I would show a picture of today but it's so cold out the camera doesn't want to work and standing outside makes me want to cry, just a little, as I think of all the glorious bulbs I've planted out there and that I won't see for a loooong time yet.

Gracie's nose has to be covered by a blanket

It's been very cold (- 27 to - 45 with windchill.) Snow by itself isn't too bad because we can still get out and walk a bit. When the temperature gets too low though, then dog paws start to freeze and unfortunately, we've yet to find a way to keep dog booties on for more than half a dozen steps. Gracie also believes that when the temps hit a certain low point, the only place she should be is under a blanket. She doesn't like the cold nipping at her nose.

Lil chewing a bone - she'd eat a cow a week if we let her

While there are a number of indoor options for us, including a range of toys and games, the current favorites are a) licking peanut butter out of hollow bones and b) practicing a little obedience in return for dog biscuits.

I thought it might be fun to share - what do the pups in your house like to do when the weather makes it difficult to spend much time outside?