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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Overdue Post for Lisa and Rob

Things have been marginally chaotic of late here. Aside from the fesitive season which demanded family time, we've been trying to manage chronic illness in both human and dog, make final checks and changes to a book that went to press, and prepare proposals for the next writing thing...all while trying to be dedicated to a very full time job. Thus my excuses for being rather behind in the world of blogging in general and this promised blog in particular.


I always invite readers to share pictures and stories of their dogs with us. In the past few months I've had several readers who have taken me up on this offer and who are waiting to see if I ever remember to follow through - my apologies Lisa and Rob.

Rob took the time to share a photo of his lovely boy, Trouble, who unfortunately has passed away. He notes that Trouble was the best friend a person could ask for. I know you all join me in sending condolences to Rob and wish him comfort in his good memories of his friend. Obviously, Trouble was a very handsome boy.

Lisa wrote to share a picture of her newly adopted two year old Rough Collie, Sundar. This is Lisa's first Collie and she is quickly falling in love with the breed, thanks in part to Sundar's great patience with the four young children he lives with. He's showing the Collie penchant for wanting to leave his own food in favor of more tasty morsels of people food; Lisa found that putting an egg on his kibble made the kibble much more enticing. I hope Lisa will share more of her adventures of life with Sundar.

Nuala when I first met her
I also squeezed in the time to help rehome an Irish Setter; this was a case near and dear to me. This past fall our "family" dog - my parents wonderful adopted Boxer, Bogart, passed away as a result of a brain tumor. He was a gentle giant, much loved by three generations of our family. My mother's heart dog though, was once an Irish Setter and when a two year old female recently needed a new home - well of course I was all over that. My nephews and I spent time online looking for potential new names for this pretty girl (who does not photograph well) and she is now known as Nuala (noo-lah) Celetic for beautiful, or fair shouldered.

Amazon Link
I guess as long as I'm doing updates, I should take time to show this rather non-doggy picture, of my latest accomplishment. Ironically, the only picture I can 'share' is one I copied from Amazon. The picture I have from the publisher is a protected file.

I continue to welcome readers to share their dog's pictures and stories with us, >cmoslund@gmail.com<

Gracie has missed my blogging also - in the time it took me to write this she pulled a cardboard egg carton out of recycling and started dismantling it. Gracie then took the smaller pieces and tucked them in by the cat who was napping in Gracie's kennel, on a very nice fluffy blanket. Trying to incriminate the cat? 
 Hard to tell with Gracie.


  1. Congratulations on the book! Good luck to you and hope that everyone is feeling better soon.

    1. Thank you - I promise I'll be by soon to check in with your gang :-)

  2. Hi Christy: Thanks for the picture of Nuala, she's beautiful. Congrats on your book coming out! I am currently, probably not for long, subscribed to DogTV - a project of Nicholas Dodman et al. Ollie has always been very interested in movement and sound on tv, so I thought I'd try it - it is basically one very long loop of exciting sounds and movement interspersed with more calming sounds. Ollie loves it and will put his paws on the ledge under the tv and stand on his hind legs watching, fascinated, for quite awhile. Still, kind of a bit much to pay $10/month for, especially given that netflix and hulu plus are $8/month for tons of programming. Kathy

    1. Thank you! I'm glad that someone is programming for Ollie :-) I'm sure he feels you should spare no expense in keeping him entertained. Too bad that netflix just doesn't cut it for dogs.

  3. Congratulations on the new book! I've been wondering about you, so glad to see you posting again. These were lovely little stores :-)

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