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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines 2013 - Safety first.

As we get ready to be carried away in a fever of chocolate, roses, and romance -- or not -- let's remember a few safety tips.

Make sure your rose stems are thorn-less before sticking them in your mouth.

Don't eat the flower bouquet until after the person has seen the flowers.

Don't try and light candles or fires - let the person with opposable thumbs handle matches, they aren't really a mouth safe product if you have any hair/fur at all.

Fill the candy hearts with dog biscuits, too much chocolate isn't good for anyone.

Remember to take a nap or two during the day - pacing yourself is important when there's a lot of excitement, or disappointment, in the air.

While it's always fun to dress up, remember that most of what you're wearing isn't safe to chew up and eat afterward - stick with the dog biscuits.

And finally, remember people can be emotional creatures, so whatever your person is going through at this time the best thing to do is give them lots of your unconditional love. Fortunately, it's what dogs do best.


  1. this is some GREAT advice! What a darling post! Happy Early Valentines Day!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  2. Good advice I am always amazed by idiots I encounter who will insist a dog or cat can eat chocolate based on some dog they know in the past who did. Recently I was at a super bowl party and one of the guests tried to feed the hostesses cat chocolate, I wanted to smack them

    urban hounds

    1. Oh dear - some people are just so smack worthy :/

  3. Thanks Cate for catching the dyslexic typos :-)

  4. Great post! Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Happy V-day everyone! Have fun cuddling up with the ones you love.

      Currently Gracie and Lil are both trying to sit on my lap at once - around here "love" looks a lot like being crushed alive under the weight of too many over-sized, "what do you mean I'm not a lap dog" pups.