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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Influx of Royalty

Those who stop by here fairly regularly may recall that I have dog-sat for my sister on several occasions. This sister's family has three dogs, one of whom (like Chi-Chi) was pulled from a high-kill shelter in a different part of the State. This dog arrived with the name Charles.

King Charles on one of several thrones he uses

When my nephew who was to be responsible for this dog was introducing him to several cousins, one of the cousins announced, "He looks like his name is King Charles!"  So it was said, so it became. King Charles also appears to have some Chihuahua in his otherwise mysterious background - I'm beginning to think that Chihuahuas and the aura of royalty go together.

Chi-Chi has made it clear lately that any misunderstandings we've had are due to several areas of ignorance on my part. First, I did not immediately recognize him as the royalty that he is. Next, in my lack of recognition I did not realize how inappropriate it was to expect him to do things on my schedule, and finally, if I would just learn to follow clear instructions things will function much more smoothly.

Rule number one, his majesty is not to be taken from his sleeping chamber until he is ready to face the day. This makes a difference between starting the day with growly-face, or happy face.
Rule number two, his majesty is to be taken out for not one moment more or less than his majesty wishes to be out - none of this trying to multi-task by, for example filling a bird feeder on his majesty's time. Three, his majesty does not care to sit inside alone while the servant is out filling bird feeders or shoveling either; his majesty sits inside demanding the return of the servant from her outdoor errands and will not
stop complaining until said servant returns.

And make no mistake. His majesty has no intention of going back outside, it is very clear that the servant is to drop what she is doing and return to the general area of his majesty's presence in order to better admire him - even if from a distance. In this manner his majesty is more flexible. He does not require anyone to constantly fawn over him - he simply requires that some particular one be in the same area of the indoors as he is, unless he has retired for the evening, in which case one may be allowed to leave the room. May be.

 I thought having two Kings in one extended family was a bit much, however, when I suggested that some Chihuahua might be a Duke or Prince, rather than a full King, the stink eye I was given immediately clarified that I was mistaken. Apparently, the Chihuahua family runs heavily towards Kings (and I'm guessing Queens and Princesses. Oh - I've also heard there are a lot of Divas in the lines too.)

P.S. - Don't tell his majesty, but I caught the court jester on the table chewing a leaf out of the flower bouquet. I'd hate to see heads roll over this....


  1. Just don't go calling him Jermagesty now, will you? I like the picture of King Charles on the table.

    1. His majesty likes to keep things formal - I'm sure he will not tolerate much in the way of 'familiarity.' :-)

      We have now lived in his royal presence for one week - he seems to have adjusted to the fate that will have him living outside a proper palace and is willing to make the best of the motley court he has been given...even if he would be just as happy with fewer subjects and a servant who was a bit quicker to learn.

  2. You could be right about royal blood - or he may be part cat! I guess cats would say they are royal - so same thing!

  3. Love, love, love this post! I'm kind of surprised that the King allows you computer time... he must have been napping! ;-)

    1. In fact, his majesty prefers that I not use the computer until he has settled down for a nap.

      This morning his highness decided I was taking too long preparing the morning nourishment - he began urging me on from the living room. I tried to tell him that the loud 'encouragement' was not making the process go faster but he chose to ignore my input.