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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dog Weddings: Fund Raiser or just Plain Fun?

 A dog wedding was held in New York's Central Park to raise money for the Humane Society. Not such a bad idea I suppose; the press however, has focused on the amount of money raised as if that were what was spent on the wedding itself.

 People seem to like the idea of extending "wedded bliss" to our canine companions -- and of course, a wedding is a good excuse for a party and fancy clothes.

 In the Netherlands 27 canine couples were married at once. This record was eventually beat when 50 dog couples got married at once in Colorado...consider it a different kind of doggy social event.

Having gone to more than my share of weddings when my friends were all jumping on the happily-ever-after bandwagon when we were in our twenties, and being well past that age now, I personally currently would prefer not to go out of my way to attend any wedding.
But this is another kind of dress up and really -- dressing up dogs does tend to be entertaining. And as ultimately happens with weddings, how do you avoid the excitement over the ultimate wedding question - what will the bride wear?

We dress our dogs up in all kinds of things that are often designed to amuse us, or that strike us as appropriate for certain events. Why not add weddings to the mix? Particularly with pups who will be sharing a house, like the Great Dane and Lab in this picture whose owners are also getting married.

The difference between dogs and people of course, is that really there can't be much expectation of fidelity...on the dog's part...people are free to expect all sorts of things from each other :-)

Friday, July 20, 2012

House Sitting with Labradors

Well it turns out there is a round two in the dog sitting world. Sister's family has gone to visit our other sister's family -- and I end up staying with the doggies again.
This time though, I remembered my camera. This means getting some pictures of the three Labrador girls --


 Rosie, and Lil --

and Gracie tagging along.

 Since Labs are water dogs, playing in the creek that runs through the back yard was a popular activity this morning. Gracie watched the Labs and eventually got brave enough to wade, then jumped in.

 She reminded me of a little hippopotamus as she grazed on grass on the creek bank and jumped in once in a while so she could get her feet wet enough to hold more muddy dirt.

And then, in the background, there is little Charlie. Charlie was adopted this spring from a rescue; we're not sure exactly what has gone into Charlie's genetics but we think there's a little Chihuahua and some terrier...and the rest is up in the air :-)

Charlie is a cute boy who thinks he is a guard dog. Being a rather small boy he has to use a few aids to keep an eye on the area.

He tried to get Gracie to show some interest in trying to steal his dismembered toy...

 when she declined they decided to see who would make a better lap dog.

Watching the young Labs helps me appreciate the old Lab that much more.

Experienced dogs know to sit quietly and wait for what they want.

Young Labs are twitching around with less attention span than a gnat.
They can't sit still long enough to ask to go into the house...

.... they certainly can't sit still for a picture.

 Young Labs are active...that's an understatement.

Overall, we're doing fairly well. Some of us have practiced waiting on the deck to dry off before coming into the house.

Others have had fun wrestling a little.

We even have our doggie crates set up for those moments when I have to step out. 

Only mature Labs can be trusted out and about in the house when I'm not here.

If you're keeping score, that is only one in five dogs that is trustworthy in my absence. Not that I'm keeping score....

Monday, July 2, 2012

Patriotic People and Dogs: July 1st and July 4th

My life has been split between living in two nations -- Canada and the U.S.

In July both celebrate their status as independent countries. Canada quietly and politely waited for England to recognize Canada's independent status while the U.S. went to war with England for independence. Some would argue that Canada continues to be more polite and the U.S. more impatient -- and I say that as someone who was born in the States.

Regardless of one's political views, I believe that our respective national days of celebration are a lovely opportunity to get together, have a parade, eat outdoors, watch firework displays, and remember that in a world where many struggle for the right to write and speak what they feel, we here in Canada and the U.S. enjoy a level of  peace, liberty, and prosperity that many others would like to have.

 And as with every thing that is worth celebrating in our lives, of course our dogs are involved in our expressions of nationhood and patriotism. As one blogger I saw basically wrote, "nothing expresses freedom like making your dog dress up in a costume."
Yep. That's how us humans roll...we express our feelings by involving our animal companions...who tend to be very tolerant of our need to dress them up :-)

Remember, it is really hot and possibly humid out there, so make sure the pups in your life are getting lots of fresh water and chances to cool off.

Pavement can get very hot at this time of year, so keep an eye on the pad's of the dog's feet -- they can get burned if left on a hot surface too long. This is a great time of year to relax around water. Green grass also tends to be easier on a pup's feet than does pavement -- all things in reasonable measures, including the time you spend parading on pavement.

Whatever your nationality -- and we are honored to be visited by people from many amazing places -- I hope that you enjoy a level of peace and prosperity.

I've always found that when the outside world is, for whatever reason a little chaotic, there is solace in the company of a dog.
I hope that is true for you also!